Sounds Like My House

According to Paul Helmke my penchant for assault rifles could lead me to become violent:

A new 21-page Federal indictment charging the shooter’s father describes a house where there were at least “20 guns, including assault rifles, a semiautomatic shotgun, two semiautomatic rifles, bolt-action shotguns and semiautomatic pistols” along with “more than 2,500 round of ammunition.”

Ignoring for a second the fact that real AK-47s are effectively illegal, this sounds a lot like the contents of my safe.  I have a lot more than 2500 rounds. I don’t quite have 20 guns yet, but it’s good to have goals. I’m very much in favor of getting guns off our streets (and into my safe). Just for this, Brady Campaign Folks, I’m going to buy another so called “assault weapon” with my tax refund check. It’s a little “screw you” from me to you ;) I’m thinking maybe a Robinson Arms XCR in 7.62x39mm.

10 thoughts on “Sounds Like My House”

  1. I find it interesting that bolt action shotguns is plural. I didn’t think they were at all common, yet this guy had more than one? Strange because even with all the shotgun guys I know, I don’t think I know anyone who has one.

  2. Seems a little low on ammo for 20-some guns…

    A small box of .22 is 500 rounds on its own.

    I try to keep 1000 on hand for each firearm.

  3. Yeah… I kind of expect crap like that from them. You sure you still want me to come down this weekend hon? I mean, Paul Helmke thinks I’m dangerous. I might just decide to go shoot up a police station or something any minute now!

  4. I’m going to take my chances with you. I haven’t gotten on Helmke’s shit list because I don’t have enough guns yet. Let me add a few more and I’m sure he’ll want to warn you about how dangerous I might become.

    But I know if I really want to be safe around you, we’ll just go into the District where you and everyone else are gun free by law!

  5. Oh yeah… The District, where the children play and eat delicious candy gum drops all day, because no one is ever a crime victim there. Where the drug gangs resolve their disputes peacefully, because they don’t have access to guns which cause them to turn to violence. It’s such a happy place.

  6. There are some specialized bolt action shotguns for rifled slugs. There are conditions that make them the best choice for deer.

    If you know how many guns you have without calling up the insurance list, you don’t have enough.

  7. Mossberg used to make a very nice .410 shotgun in bolt action. They may still do so. That was one very fine gun. My brother has it now, it was our father’s.

  8. Just this evening, my asked me how many guns we have… I think we got to 23. And then I remembered a few more… It might be closer to 30. And I’ve got a heck of a lot more than 2500 rounds. I’m pretty sure I’ve got well over that in 7.62x54R. I don’t have any bolt-action shotguns, however. I almost got one a while back for deer hunting in Quantico. (Shotgun with slugs and muzzleloader only for firearms season) A guy I’ve shot with a few times at Bull Run uses a bolt-action shotgun for wobble trap every now and then. It looks only slightly easier to get the second shot off than my wife’s single-shot H&R.

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