Romney – Rice 2012: Not Gonna Happen

I have to admit, I’d be pretty stoked if Romney picked Condi. But it’s not going to happen. If Mitt nominates a pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, pro-gun candidate, I’ll eat my hat. Mitt has enough troubles with the SoCos, given that he used to be pro-choice, and once engaged in platitudes about gay rights when he was Governor of Massachusetts. They’ll string him up if it’s Condi.

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    1. Sometimes I think that Romney might have a spark in him, just yet…a certain spark of boldness, and willingness to take Obama on, and take him on agressively. It’s hard to tell, just yet. Romney has demonstrated tiny bleeps of genius here and there; he may flare up as we get closer to the election.

      The article you link to mentions FDR as a political genius. I’d rather have a political idiot at the helm, though, than another genius like him!

      I’m confident that the election is Romney’s for the taking. Obama is a lousy enough of a President, that he should be easy to beat. Having said that, I can’t discount the Republican ability to flub an easy election.

  1. I agree with you as to the most probable outcome … but I think she was given, or is still being given, serious consideration. To a certain extent the SoCo’s are in the bag (are they going to vote for Obama?) so he’s got to look at how many SoCo’s stay home if he picks a Condi vs. how many independents/other groups he picks up.

    I would be surprised, but not shocked, to hear Condi’s is chosen. And I’m sure he’ll have some rationale to give the SoCo’s, and Condi will have some soothing things to say too.

    And Condi will be good for getting us Gun Guys out, as she’s always been on our side and not a recent convert — like Romney.

  2. She’s too tied into Bush II and his attempted conquest of Iraq. Despite the “outrage” over Romney being a RHINO, the southern vote will be his. I think Romney will be looking to woo the moderate and independent voters who could still tip the election for Obama depending on who the consensus lesser-of-two-evils is. I don’t think anyone tainted by Dubya is a good choice for Romney if his plan is to court the independent vote.

  3. Rice has essentially gotten a free pass in the examination of her competence in dealing with intelligence in the days leading up to 9/11. I seriously doubt she’ll ever get involved as a candidate for national office because it would be an issue, and I don’t think she’d end up looking very good. The dysfunction in the state department after her transfer there also suggests administration, like analysing intelligence, isn’t her strongest suite. She should stick to the back room politicking and book deals. Also, the double-gimmick of picking a black woman to run against Obama would fall flat as the sort of transparent, focus-group tested bit of insincerity Romney seems to wallow in.

    I wish Romney would pick Kay Bailey Hutchison if he’s set on having a woman as a running mate. She has some baggage, but that choice would certainly go a long way to shoring up Romney’s RKBA bona fides, which are anything but at this point.

  4. “To a certain extent the SoCo’s are in the bag (are they going to vote for Obama?”

    Can’t the same thing be said about gun rights advocates?

    I won’t vote for Obama, of course, but the fact that Romney is already kissing SoCo ass — and not ours, you might note — from coast to coast, assures that mine is one “No Party” vote he won’t get.

    But Romney, from long established Republican habit, knows that most of our votes are available, cheap — free, usually — so we don’t need to be appealed to more than the usual cursory “enforce existing laws” rhetoric.

  5. well, being a “soco” and a rabid defender of the 2nd—I dont seem to feel Romneys lips on my ass …. he and his handlers know that the majority of us will hold our noses and check his name on the ballot because of the alternative……and if elected will start throwing us under the bus, one group at a time….

  6. Certain news sites are saying Mitt has made his choice, and it’s Pawlenty.

    Looks like Hugh Hewitt’s gonna tell us about another tasty, tangy sh*t sandwich.

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