4 thoughts on “Knife Control in New Hampshire?”

  1. Something I say often in my own blog is to watch what is happening in the UK, and imagine the US looking like that after 8 years of Obama.

    The Brits already have already criminalized carry of knives, and consequently have a epidemic of both knife and gun violence.

  2. Yeah, gotta disarm those dangerous New Hampshire ninjas of their knives and throwing stars. *rolling eyes*

    Is it just me or is the north east coast and the entire west coast in a race to see who can be the biggest nanny-state wussies. If so, the upper east coast is winning.

  3. So what will that New Hampshire town want next – background checks for anyone who wants to buy baseball bats, tire irons, and golf clubs? How about scrap lumber? A piece of wood was used to bludgeon a teenage girl to death before her corpse was dumped in a creek in South Jersey almost a year ago, so let’s not rule anything out here.

    I would also concur that the northeast states are at the head of the nanny-state-wuss race.

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