12 thoughts on “Sen. Casey Looking to Ruin Cough Syrup, Just Like Sudafed”

  1. I feel sorry for you up there…then again, as your southern neighbor, I’m sure Casey would be a bit of an upgrade compared to Mikulski or Cardin.

    Seriously, this is the PRIME example against incrementalism and gun rights. First, they start with decongestants, then they go to cough syrup, next thing you know, my multivitamin will be regulated too!

    True story as experienced first hand; companies lose money with their stupid government policies. I tried to buy decongestant at a chain/box store that offers pharmacy service. This over the counter medication was not purchased in the pharmacy and when my driver’s license was scanned, the scan failed to hold in the system (and no sale happens unless that happens). Clearly the clerk could see I was of age, and had valid ID, yet she could not override the system (only a supervisor could). After backing up her line for a few minutes and having finished ring the rest of the purchase up, the meds got tossed into the bag and I was told “You got that for free.”

    Evidence of big government and direct impact upon sales. Now, imagine that burden on small business instead of a multi-million dollar chain retailer.

  2. Ugh I hate the Sudafed restrictions. That’s why every month I stock up, even if I’m not sick.

  3. But when we passed the laws restricting the sales of pseudoephedrine, all the meth labs folded and we’re now meth free. Wait… Okay, maybe if we pass ONE more law, all the drug dealers will fold up their tents and go home. Just like the gun laws! One more law and we’ll be crime free!

    At what point do we line all the politicians against a wall and rid ourselves of these idiots?

    1. …and if we legalize drugs, all of the meth-heads, speed freaks, coke heads, and heroin addicts will suddenly quit their violent criminal activity and get 9 – 5 tax-paying jobs…right?

      At what point do we line up non-productive addicts against a wall and do the human race a favor?

      1. Just like when alcohol was legalized the criminal activity continued! Oh wait it didn’t.

        1. But think of the jobs we’d lose–police, parole officers, court staff; FDA, DEA, & FBI agents; prison contracts for construction, guards, and so on, not to mention all the street-level gangsters just out their trying to feed their families. As Sebastian said, think of the children!

      2. There will be no need to put the addicts against the wall; the drugs will take care of them. It’s just mother nature’s way of weeding out the inferior. In the meantime we’ll save billions of dollars by getting rid of the “drug war”, which we have lost. Money will now be made by taxing the drugs. Lives will be saved by not having innocents that are caught in the crossfire of the gang wars fighting over their distribution problems. Corruption resulting from all the drug money to pay off cops, lawyers, politicians, et al, will be a thing of the past.

        No ban on ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME has EVER worked. Yet here we are, still doing it.

        1. Legalizing needle exchange programs would also lower the risk of hepatitis and AIDS for everybody, not just the junkies.

      3. No, if we legalize all the drugs, their price will drop by a factor of 100, and the addicts won’t have to steal to get their fix.

        See Portugal, Switzerland, and other examples for a reality check.

        See Sherlock Holmes for literary examples from 100 years ago before these things were illegal.

  4. Who’s our other option, Tom Smith? A life long democrat who just last year switched parties.

  5. The fundamental issue of government telling consenting adults what they can and can’t put into their bodies baffles me. Where did this government power come from & why is it thought of as normal?

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