7 thoughts on “King Bloomberg Annoyed by Civil Liberties”

  1. He’s sounding more and more like Daley did near the end. I’m just waiting for him to threaten to shove a bayonet up a reporter’s backside.

  2. Typical NYC rag: completely focus on his gun claims but then ignore the fact that multiple judges are tossing prosecutions because his police are violating civil rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

    Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional. So is “Stop and Kick” as applied to my front door. But Bloomberg would try that if it hadn’t been shut down already.

    I cannot wait for him to take a page from DC’s unconstitutional playbook and shut down whole neighborhoods with checkpoints and search everyone going in and out. Actually, the scary thing is “Stop and Frisk” almost surely started with the DC idea, but they modified it slightly to purportedly make it constitutional. DC Police Chief Kathy Lanier should have been incarcerated for that BS, and so should Blooming Idiot for the frisking.

  3. Yeah well, officer safety always comes first! They’re *heroes*, after all! (Never mind that pizza delivery drivers probably face more danger than most cops….)

  4. Some months ago I heard a rumor that Bloomberg was the drive behind American’s Elect. I was frightened the, relieved now since AE crumbled. Legitimate? We may never know but I am happy this fascist won’t appear on a national ballot this cycle.

  5. New York City doesn’t have a mayor, instead, they have Bloomberg, who is a billionaire playboy who plays at being mayor. A mayor would take responsibility for crime in his city, but Bloomberg is too rich to have to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. So instead, he blames the rest of the country for crime in NYC. That’s right. The little patch of real estate for which he is supposed to be responsible is completely blameless for what happens there, and it’s every square mile of the rest of the United States that’s to blame. Folks in Alaska might be surprised to hear that they’re to blame for thugs shooting at cops in NYC, but in Bloomberg’s world it makes perfect sense. Being a billionaire means that reality is whatever Bloomberg wants to pretend it is, and no one can contradict him – he’s a billionaire boy in a bubble and that isn’t going to change because he wants to keep it that way. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so there’s not going to be any reasoning with Bloomberg – he has too much power for that to happen.

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