Who’s Behind SB249 in California?

The usual suspects, of course, complete with scare mongering showing that quite a number of manufacturers are happy to follow the law the gun control crowd drafted. For those looking for an update, SB 249 passed out of the Committee on Public Safety, and was referred to the Committee on Appropriations, where it will have to be voted on there. I have no knowledge of the California legislature to know what chance there is to defeat it there, or on the Assembly Floor. Since it’s a gutted Senate Bill, it would have presumably go through a reconciliation process, and then be voted on by the Senate.

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    1. Sorry, “that was ruled unconstitutional” by the Supreme Court. The comment editor/deleter doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  1. One can find more information about the fight against this horrible piece of legislation here:


    Unfortunately this bill has a real chance of passing. The California legislature is dominated by anti-gun politicians, primarily Democrats, and this bill pertains to EBRs, which most Californians believe should be illegal, and SB 294 is described as enhancing the California AW ban.

    Note that in 2014 all long gun sales will be DROS’ed, meaning that rifle and shotguns will be registered. It seems that California politicians want to get a >100 score on the Brady Scorecard.

  2. So if it passes are they going to send around the AR police to confiscate your weapons? What if the registered weapon is at your vacation home in, say, Texas, where they uphold your right to own weapons?

  3. That letter to the DOJ is a much bigger deal than SB249. Correct me if I am wrong, but the way I see it, that letter is completely separate from SB249. SB249 bans possession of the “mag magnet” (whether or not you own a gun) punishable by misdemeanor. SB249 does not address the “Bullet Button” itself. Instead they are appealing directly to the DOJ to change their previous ruling (under different leadership) regarding magazine release locks. They clearly state this approach is through the “regulatory process”- no legislation required. If they get their wish, hundreds of thousands of people will become felons overnight. They may get both of these, they may get one, or they may get none. They look like separate issues to me.

  4. Unfotunately this bill goes way beyond the scope of what they are trying to do. The way the bill is currently written it will make all centerfire magazine fed rifles illegal. oh yeah and make you a FELON for owning something that could have been in your family for the last 50, 75 years or any length of time. It will turn law abiding citizens into criminals overnight. Simply because Senator Yee has no idea about what he is trying to ban. this is a prime example of why we need congressional and representative reform in CA. Why do we need to make more beaurocratic bills? If we actually enforced exsisting laws we would have no need for more beaurocracy! Tell your congress and senate that you dont want more restrictions on your freedom! put lawbreaking people in jail. Do not punish us law abiding citizens… Enforce our current laws! Please visit http://www.stopsb249.com for more information

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