We Are Happy To Have Inspired This

Barron Barnett celebrating the birth of his country by blowing up a small chunk of it. Awesome!

From the sound of the reverberations, I’m going to suggest the capabilities of any microphone recording device won’t do that justice.

8 Responses to “We Are Happy To Have Inspired This”

  1. You are correct that the microphone (off my cell phone) doesn’t really do it justice. I think I am going to have to get some decent recording equipment to get even close.

    I was sad when I watched the last explosion on video, it was noticeably bigger by sound in person. Not so much on the video. One of these day’s I’ll figure out a good way to record a boomer. Next time I’m out there I’ll use my decibel meter and see where it measures at. My guess is the end of the scale.

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    Until we can capture the THUMP to the chest, present event 700 yards away, audio reproduction is but a shadow of reality.

    • Alpheus says:

      And I have to imagine that, even if microphones can catch that thump, sending that THUMP out through typical computer speakers isn’t going end well for those speakers…

  3. mobo says:

    What’s the secret ingredient? Aluminum?

  4. Zermoid says:

    Aww Comeon! Homemade explosive targets and you can’t tell us how to make them?

  5. jetfxr69 says:

    I believe Joe’s happy to let people come help make targets each Spring for Boomershoot. There’s a minor background check involved. He’s just not willing to put the recipe on the internet for all to see.

    • Correct, the latest incarnation is left off the website.

      Anyone can come help make explosives, you just need to file this with Joe enough in advance he can send it to the ATF.

      That said, the Secret Ingredient is not required for operation but greatly improves the thump felt. Previous incarnations of the mix were posted online including the portions but they appear to have been removed.

  6. Joe Huffman says:

    I’m not sure how the links to the recipes got deleted but I put them back. Find them here. The most recent one released to the public is here.

    @mobo, Aluminum would certainly work and would provide more energy that what we use but it is much more expensive and also more hazardous.


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