Smart Gun Reality?

If the New Jersey AG or California AG declare this is a certified smart gun, it will be the only gun you’re allowed to buy in either of those states. Fortunately, Jerry Brown has been more friendly on the issue lately, and we just had an administration change in New Jersey. Nonetheless, it’s interesting how much it costs, and it’s only a .22LR.

7 thoughts on “Smart Gun Reality?”

  1. Yup, that dumb smart gun bill that NJ passed years ago will be put into effect once the tech is available and recognized the by the state government. Yet another law in NJ that needs to be repealed, and quickly.

  2. Let’s see. Shoot the guy with the ugly watch. Shoot the guy with the green/red LED blinding his night vision. Shoot the guy conveniently illuminating your target for you.

  3. Actually, hmmm.

    If they limit you to one possible gun, that is prohibitively expensive and deeply unsuited to defense…

    That would suggest the requirement could be (relatively) easily overturned under Heller, no?

    Because that sounds like a de-facto ban on useful self-defense weapons, both because of the type limitation and the price factor.

    (And of course it would be genius to file the suit on behalf of someone poor and with dark skin, just to watch the Progressives stammer extra hard, and remind everyone that gun control started with racism.)

  4. NJ’s law also goes into effect three years after the AG recognises a “smart gun” as available, so we’ll have plenty of time to settle the effects of Heller and McDonald before it becomes an issue.

  5. I forget – NJ didn’t ban posession after this POS law goes into effect, right? That means I’ll have time to buy … 36 handguns (less the wait for the first 3 permits; call it somewhere between 33 and 28 depending – my PD is relatively good on the paperwork, and you can just keep applying for the permits; though I suppose a few eyebrows might get raised).

    Nonetheless, Heller+McDonald puts this on thin ice. As would a “no sporting purposes” ruling from the ATF, tee-hee

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