For the Inner Ahab

You too can now own your own whaling harpoon. I’m not even sure what the legalities are. I would imagine it’s a destructive device. It’s also in Norway. It’s not impossible to get a destructive device imported, but I can’t imagine how much paperwork you’d have to do to get this into the country, and in your legal possession.

UPDATE: Actually, looking at how they work, I’m not sure it’s a destructive device, and may not actually be regulated at all.

11 thoughts on “For the Inner Ahab”

  1. Perhaps a tad bit more cumbersome than the crossbow, but no reason why the PA Board of Game Commissioners shouldn’t consider it for urban deer hunts.

  2. Good question. It doesn’t fire a fixed round … but it’s a bag loaded breachloader, like several WWII navy guns, as well as the US Army’s 4″ attry.

    I’d have to ask the BATFE.

    The projo IS a DD if it ever held powder.

  3. We will be happy to chip in for this as long as we can get mounted on a boat ASAP, get out on the water and give the Whaletard Wars guys a really bad day.

  4. Some harpoons have exploding tips that might be DDs…

    As much fun as I have buying new guns to make Sarah Brady cry, I’d much more love to make all of Greeenpeace cry.

    And I bet I could mount that to the bow of my 16 foot runabout… might get some odd looks, but it’d be worth it when I explain how I’ve never had much luck catching redfish with a lure…

  5. Didn’t Clint Eastwood shoot a bad guy with one of these in a Dirty Harry movie?

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