Fundraising in 2012

At least once a day I’m getting fundraising e-mails from the Romney camp. They really want a donation so I can win a chance to spend a day on the Mitt Romney tour bus. What’s second prize? Two days on the Mitt Romney tour bus? How about if I win, you let me pick the next nominee to the Supreme Court. That would be a real prize.

4 thoughts on “Fundraising in 2012”

  1. I’ve been getting snail-mail from Mitt Romney (and yesterday, from Ann Romney) because I (a) once gave money to a GWB campaign, and (b) once showed up at a county convention.

    I should spend more time at the local conventions anyway, but the stream of snail-mail is getting annoying.

  2. I’ve been registered “No Party” so long I guess they’re starting to believe it. I hardly get mail from any of them. But then, I’m an NRA Life Member who only gets mail from them when they’re really flogging something, like “LifeLock” or travel insurance. Guess I haven’t responded to enough, over the last 25 years.

    The most political mail I ever got was a result of two Republican operatives coming to a “Keystone Firearms Coalition” meeting, c. 1995, and walking off with the sign-in sheet. But, they totally slaughtered my surname, so I was able to track where that mailing list went. For a few years I was on what seemed like every “conservative” sucker-list in the country; and I may be still, except I gave up that P.O. Box a few years ago.

    Come to think of it, that may have been when it started to dawn on me what suckers we gun owners are (rightly) pegged for, by the Republicans and their associated organizations.

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