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On Mitt Romney:

I received a free bumper sticker from his campaign in today’s mail: “Romney.  Believe in America.”

Believing in America is not the problem.  Believing in Romney is.

Jacob also has some thoughts on keeping Mitt in line on the gun issue. My expectations of Romney are almost entirely placed around his short list for the Supreme Court. Some of the names I’ve seen floated would be welcome. One good thing about McDonald and Heller happening when they did is we now know a good number of “conservative” judges on the bench who are either not reliable, or outright hostile to gun rights. If the Second Amendment gets erased on Mitt’s watch, I’ll be looking to help these guys in 2016.

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  1. Jacob also has some thoughts on keeping Mitt in line on the gun issue.

    He’s a master and you are the slave – it’s you that will be kept in line. All Romney has to do is promise you a little bread and water and you’ll be his tool.

      1. Voting is like buying a car from one of the two area used car salesmen who have a very long and very well known reputation of going back on their word, outright lying, cheating, stealing, associating with gangsters, and specializing in barely mobile wrecks that are doomed to cost ten times more in repairs than the vastly inflated “special” price you “negotiate”.

        So if you get your SCOTUS justice…how many times will that justice violate your rights during their time on SCOTUS? Far more than they’ll defend your gun rights.

        1. It’ll very well be the case. That I won’t agree with everything any particular judge rules, or a particular politician votes for, is a consequence of having to live with other people who don’t agree with me 100% of the time on everything. We all have to compromise a bit in order to live in the same country without killing each other.

          No system is perfect, and ours certainly isn’t any exception to that. I work within the system bequeathed to us, trying to do my part to help achieve at least some, even if minor, improvements. I can do no better.

          1. People should never forget that one of the primary goals of our system is to solve the succession problem, also known as the orderly transfer of power.

            You don’t have to read much history to learn of political entities torn apart by the issue of who’ll be the next king or emperor and such to know this is really important. It’s a reason Nixon in 1960 had more class than Gore in 2000, when the latter showed himself utterly unfit for office when he started mid-election day push polling in Florida to set up his legal challenge to the results. “Selected, not elected” did incalculable damage to the Republic.

            Our system isn’t designed to work well when immoral people are running it (that’s an unsolved problem, shall we say), and we’re now suffering the universal fate of democracies and republics when the people learn they can vote to give themselves the public fisc, but all in all we haven’t done that bad as these things go.

            We’ll see what happens when the money runs out (I have zero, or rather negative faith that Romney and the current Republican Congressional leadership will pull back from that); this is unfortunately a time to shore up bonds locally (e.g. with family and friends) and to stock up on ammo et. al….

            1. That’s one of the funny things about “A Critic”‘s complaint. It would be fine and dandy if we could go somewhere else when we don’t like either used car salesman, but the fact is, there are only two who are actively selling cars. (The Libertarian Car Salesman has an empty lot.)

              Arguably, we can go to a system of so-called “anarcho-capitalism”, which is my preference, but to do that, we’d have to convince everyone that that’s the way to go. In the meantime, we’re going to have to live with the system we have.

              Alternatively, of course, we could always start a Revolution…but then, unless the great majority of Americans are pro-freedom, we’re just going to replace the System with something just as bad, if not worse. And I’m not at all confident that we even have a majority of sufficiently-pro-freedom Americans to regain our freedom through Revolution!

              Thus, if we really want freedom, we had better be teaching our fellow Americans the values of Rugged Individualism; if we teach enough Americans, then a Revolution will succeed; but then, assuming our Republic is still intact, Revolution probably won’t be necessary by then, either.

  2. “One good thing about McDonald and Heller happening when they did is we now know a good number of “conservative” judges on the bench who are either not reliable, or outright hostile to gun rights.”

    It’s OK. You can say “Richard Posner.”

    What a senile old creep. This is the guy who said the GOP lost in 2008 because they wouldn’t listen to their libertarian wing and support gun control. Seriously. He’s also the guy who literally couldn’t follow Alan Gura’s argument that the framers of the 14th Amendment wanted to apply the RKBA to the states, thinking it was the southern states who wanted to do so. (Because the southern states had such a big part of the framing of 14A, I guess). Apparently he’s ignorant of law, history, current politics, and the definition of “libertarian.”

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