5 thoughts on “Answering the Difficult Questions”

  1. They’re not. They get exactly what REPUBLICANS are looking for.
    Bush picked Roberts because he supported Bush in his war efforts. Everything else was secondary.

    Now…if we can get some conservative/libertarians picking the judges…..

  2. The Republicans need to looks for more judges like Thomas if there is really an hope of turning things around in my opinion. At a certain point some really bad precedent is going to need to be thrown out.

  3. I Agree w/ Cargosquid.
    Roberts gave the republicans what they wanted- more big government when they were in charge. Now that someone else is in charge he’s just on the same track- more big government.
    It shouldn’t surprise people that someone selected to be for .gov is for .gov.

  4. Because Republicans would piss all other themselves and have a hissy fit, then throw in with the democrats, if Bush had nominated Ann Coulter instead of Roberts.

    Republicans crapped all over Sarah Palin, a governor from a state with a tiny population, for only being a thousand times more articulate than the competing VP choice, and with a week of prep time only being as articulate and well-informed as Obama, who had been cramming for the past 18 months. That’s EXACTLY the treatment any actual conservative nominee expects.

    The megalomania needed to even be in the running for SCOTUS is at odds with healthy conservative/liberation worldview.

    Skim the republican blogs – how many people have said they won’t vote for Romney? If you won’t at least vote against Obama, then you are a worthless traitorous surrender monkey. The problem is that the majority of the country votes the worthless traitorous surrender monkey line.

    Not to mention that law schools are liberal bastions, and the justice system (even at the local and state levels) is filled with government bureaucrats who tend to be socialists. Judges are culled from the worst of the lawyers – liberal almost by definition.

  5. I’m not surprised too much by the record. The Democrat Party is an Enemy to Liberty, thus they have no problems with appointing Justices that are Enemies to Liberty. The Republican Party isn’t an Enemy of Liberty, per se, but it certainly isn’t the Friend of Liberty, either. It so happens that Friends of Liberty, for better and for worse, find refuge in the Republican Party (at least, those who friends who seek political relevance); thus the Republicans will occasionally appoint Liberty-Minded Justices.

    Sadly, there are many people in the Republican Party who are either downright enemies of Liberty themselves, or are just willing to sacrifice Liberty if it gives them a little power.

    Hence, “Evil Party” for the Democrats, and “Stupid Party” for the Republicans, are very accurate terms; indeed, while one party exudes malice, the other party makes it difficult to tell the difference between malice and stupidity, and hence the mess we’re in.

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