California Gun Rights on the Line Today

After rendering California’s assault weapons ban into virtual meaninglessness with the bullet button, the Empire is striking back. Except, as expected with anti-gunners, this goes much much farther. If you want to see what SB 249 does in its entirety, visit I suspect, because the anti-gun folks think they can run whatever bill they want in California, and we’re powerless to stop them, that they’ll get back at us this way. It’s a petty move by angry people to try to seek revenge through the only legislature left in the country that will give them whatever they want.

4 thoughts on “California Gun Rights on the Line Today”

  1. When I first read SB249, I came to the conclusion that he is not trying to ban “Bullet Buttons”, but rather the “Mag Magnet”. The language reads “converting to an ‘assault weapon’”. The Bullet Button does the opposite- it converts an “assault weapon” into a legal weapon. The use of the Mag Magnet is already covered under existing law. If you use it with a Bullet Button and one or more evil features, it is a felony. However, you can use it by removing the evil features first, or put it on when you cross the Nevada border into Free America. Yee’s bill bans possession of it anywhere in the state- it doesn’t matter whether you own a Bullet Button AR, or any gun for that matter.

    The bill is starting to get very dangerous (as in passing). On a 6/28 revision, they removed the language that would ban any evil feature whether it is on a gun or not. On the first pass, you could be arrested just for having a pistol grip, or “shoulder thing that goes up”, or for possessing your legally registered “Assault Weapon” owned before the ban was enacted. That wasn’t going to fly. They have since cleaned up some of that language by removing the “combination of parts” line, and focusing on the “single part used exclusively for conversion of a fixed magazine firearm” (Mag Magnet).

    It may look like he is leaving the Bullet Button alone- but he is not. He is taking a different route for that ban. He is bypassing the legislative process and petitioning the DOJ to revise their regulatory process. It is all there in the link Sebastian provided “Stop SB249!” including his letter to the CA AG asking for just that. He is saying that Bullet Buttons should never have been allowed because the language states “ability to accept a detachable magazine”, and with the Bullet Button, the receiver can still accept a detachable magazine, you just need a tool to remove it after it has been accepted.

  2. It must be nice to have a legislature that has all the time in the world to waste on none crimes while the state itself is rapidly falling into a financial black hole & serious crimes are on the rise. What a bunch of dickheads.

  3. In California the legislature serves one interest and one interest only, “BIG MONEY”. You are dealing with the globalist mentality, which has no room for The Cosntitution, the second amendment, these are the cornerstone of American sovereignty. They are openly hostile to our values, AKA the Constitution. The constitution is the Supreme law of the land. These statutes that they keep passing conflict with their oath of office. I would like to propose a bill where legislation that conflicts with the Constitution not be allowed to be voted on.

  4. Politicians are really getting cut throat with their persistent efforts to reduce our rights to nothing. How many time do we have to battle disgusting legislation before they quit? Never?

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