Knew This Was Coming

California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has introduced a bill to ban the open carry of rifles, as well as handguns. The courts are the only thing that will save gun rights in California now. It’s pretty clear the legislature there has carte blanche to enact whatever restrictions they desire.

6 thoughts on “Knew This Was Coming”

  1. When you walk around with a shotgun strapped to your back for attention or as a political statement, you’re going to get negative attention. You have to ask if the juice is worth the squeeze?

    These guys are more armed activist then they are gun owners.

  2. The only good things Portantino has done is force the Democrat leadership to disclose staff spending and announce he is not running for office in 2012 when his term runs out. He was talking about running for the state senate or a national seat but I suspect he riled too many of the powerful, despite his faithful voting record on things “liberal”. Very small people can’t stand dissent, especially when it turns out they were liars.

  3. Sebastian: “It’s pretty clear the legislature there has carte blanche to enact whatever restrictions they desire.”

    I wouldn’t quite say that. I see a lot of legislation come up that doesn’t make it through- really absurd things like expanding “cop killer bullets” to include all center-fire rifle ammunition. Felony possession- no grandfather clause. That said, I think this goes through, and Jerry “if we do it for handguns, we might as well do it for rifles” Brown will sign it.

  4. There was some discussion of having someone pay me to do the research on California’s gun control history but you know how hard it is to find anyone with money willing to fund that sort of thing. I’ve already written an article for America’s First Freedom* about early California gun control law that could, in the right hands, be used to eviscerate much of what they do, based on statements made at the 1849 and 1879 California Constitutional Conventions. Some of what I have found since then just adds insult to injury to this.

    * I have been paid for that article, but I don’t know if they have published it. If you have seen an article after April 2011 by me in AFF, I would love to get a copy of it.

  5. The Legislature has carte-blanche because it’s a One-Party state by Gerrymander where Democrats run in safe districts opposed only by other Democrats and the Republicans have a permanent small table off to the side where they are supplied with a sufficiency of Hog-Slop, perks, and Vital Corruption – while the Media is busy ensuring The Narrative, and stamping-out any competition of ideas.

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