Dip in the Polls for Obama?

Looks like the electorate didn’t like the assertion of Executive Privilege. Given Obama’s struggles recently, this leads me to believe whatever is being shielded by the White House is worse than what he’s going to suffer for shielding it. Either that or he’s good enough friends with Eric Holder he’s willing to take the White House down to help him. Or Eric Holder has enough dirt on people. Who knows.

7 thoughts on “Dip in the Polls for Obama?”

  1. Having the dirt on politicians is an old DOJ thing. Witness J. Edgar Hoover and his files. I didn’t think Holder was that shrewd.

  2. If Obama somehow still manages to get re-elected after all of this scandal with the “walked” semi-auto AK type rifles, which resulted in all of these deaths in Mexico and the death of border agent Brian Terry, the process to impeach Obama and his lackeys ought to begin the day after his re-election, if not sooner. Unlike the Watergate scandal of the Nixon White House of 1972, the crimes are far, far worse than the cover-up itself.

  3. That dip may be a three day average. So it could be the immigration issue as well. Time, and more detailed polling, will tell. Either way, a gallup 43 is good news heading into election season if you want to see him follow in the footsteps of Carter.

    1. I suspect that these polls were put together a little too early to know for certain whether or not the Contempt vote is affecting Obama. Indeed, polls are like the stock market: people like to attribute this event or that to what has happened to it, and these attributions are more than likely correct most of the time, but unless we can get into the heads of each and every person polled (or each and every person who sold stocks), these are really, at best, just educated guesses…yet they are so often announced as fact.

      (A disclaimer: I’m making generalizations. Sebastian provided plenty of hedge words in his explanation of why the polls are the way they are, which is the right way to report on polls. :-)

      Even so, the poll certainly isn’t good news for Obama!

  4. Obama hasn’t started the crux of his campaigning yet, at least in terms of advertising and the swing state push. Romney has been active on both fronts. It’ll tighten, flip and then narrow again.

    As for F&F, I doubt there is more than our community has suspected all along: an attempt to demonstrate “proof” to support another AWB, followed by a ham-handed attempt to spin it away after getting caught. The problem is probably not the walking, but the denials. Issa and Gowdy were pretty good painting DoJ and the administration into a corner on higher-level involvement and purpose.

    If these docs demonstrate that upper DoJ knowingly let this happen in an attempt to prove the so-called iron river exists, that is enough for some people to require a presidential pardon. And if they demonstrate that the Administration was part of the spin/cover up, then it gets to the point even the Washington Post will dogpile this one.

    But we will not see anything official before the election. Even the contempt vote, when it passes, will amount to little if they want to hold out further. The DoJ won’t go after itself, and a lawsuit can be drug out forever.

    Again, I don’t think there will be much here that would surprise us. I just think it would validate our views all along, and because of the hole dug by DoJ until now, it would require criminal sanction due to the cover-up. But that is more than enough to stonewall like they are now.

    1. Really? He spent 46 million last month on advertising, more than he brought in. He campaign is in financial trouble and they know it. Their fundraising is lagging while the Romney machine is raking in more money than it thought it would. Meanwhile, unemployment is climbing, manufacturing data and consumer confidence are showing a slowdown, and personal wealth has dropped 40% in 3 years.

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