Mayor Rahm Vows to Protect Chicago’s Gun Laws

By maybe, or maybe not, appealing the decision by a Federal District Court tossing out gun prohibition in Chicago for non-violent misdemeanants. The fact that he’s making such noise about protecting Chicago’s gun laws tells me his office is seriously considering not appealing. This particular issue might not be a hill the Mayor’s Office wants to die on.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Rahm Vows to Protect Chicago’s Gun Laws”

  1. From the article: “The mayor noted that the number of guns confiscated by Chicago Police is up about seven percent this year. The city’s homicide rate has spiked 35 percent during the same period while shootings are up roughly 11 percent.”

    Yeah, I know, I know: Correlation is not causation. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting correlation, is it not?

    The funny thing is, anti-gun types like Rahm will be the first to jump down my throat with the phrase “correlation is not causation”, for bringing up this particular correlation…yet they expect a very strong correlation with guns and crime: “We remove guns from the street, crime goes down.” “It’s only logical“, they tell us.

    Never mind that statistics don’t support them, and never mind the fact that there are perfectly consistent* logical models where having more guns can lower crime. Passing laws will take us to nirvana!

    *Well, ok, we have to take it on faith that the logical models are consistent, because Godel proved that any logical system that’s complex enough to contain basic arithmetic, cannot prove itself to be perfectly consistent…but then, the exact same can be said of the anti-gun logic, and anti-gun logic doesn’t mesh well with reality, to boot!

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