Fact Checking

Caleb offers some good advice to check your facts, using a recent Guns.com mistake as an example. I haven’t found commercial blogs to be any more thorough in terms of getting facts right than amateur bloggers. If anything, because amateur bloggers link more readily within the community, error is more likely to get pointed out by someone who has the correct facts, noticed and corrected. If your goal is to make money, Google won’t ding you for bad facts or rumor mongering. It may even be beneficial.

3 thoughts on “Fact Checking”

  1. I don’t think that it was a mistake on the part of guns.com. regardless of what the company claims is corporate policy, I have been disarmed and forced to put both a trigger lock on my gun, and put my gun in a locked bag in order to access both the gunsmith and the range.
    Any customer who touches a gun in that store must do so while it has a trigger lock on it. No exceptions.

  2. “If your goal is to make money”

    We have a capitalist economy. I wrote a book with the goal to make money. I even advertised it on your blog and you made money. I used my GI bill to put me through undergrad and then graduate school to get a high-paying job in order to make money.

    I have investment portfolios in order to make money. I work in order to make money. I’ve bought and sold things in order to make money.

    Guns.com has their opinions same as “Shall Not Be Questioned” has their own. The majority of stuff I’ve read from Guns.com has been linked articles. I’ve read opinions from them I didn’t always agree with.

    I’ve read opinions here I didn’t always agree with. But it didn’t stop me from putting you in my book’s advertising rotation.

    I prefer to see and support the big picture, which is defending and protecting the Second Amendment for everyone–not just dinging folks who occasionally err or get their opinions/facts wrong.

    Correct them, keep them in the fold, strengthen our base and let’s keep moving forward.


    J.D. Kinman

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