Resolution to Find Holder in Contempt Passes House Committee

From NRA. I don’t really understand why Obama invoking Executive Privilege was a smart move. It’s basically an admission of White House involvement in the scandal, and now, unlike before, the entire media is paying attention to Fast and Furious. How ironic that it might be Obama himself be the one to blow this scandal wide open.

8 thoughts on “Resolution to Find Holder in Contempt Passes House Committee”

  1. This is just baffling to me why he would claim EP. I think its one of those “It won’t be that bad, and they can’t do anything anyway!” instead of “Oh, if I do this, everybody will know, then I’m screwed!”

    We’ll see…

  2. I’m somewhat perplexed as well. I can only make sense of it in one of the following scenarios:

    1) President Obama was involved and revealing the information would be worse politically than taking the heat for invoking EP.
    2) President Obama is politically naive to the point of believing invoking EP has minimal political costs.

    I find option 2) to be far less believable than option 1). And since I believe the political heat for invoking EP will be rather intense I am inclined to believe there is some really bad stuff the president is hiding.

  3. It’s like pleading the 5th, everyone immediately KNOWS you are guilty of something…..

    God I Pray that this band of criminals get’s out of office soon. And I don’t really care how, but the more embarrassing and damning the better, that they get jail time would be a big plus too Lord.

  4. I’m just thinking out loud at this point, but awhile ago I was surprised to hear MSNBC bringing up the issue that gun rights advocates believe F&F was a plot to advance gun control. They ridiculed that, of course, but I was surprised it was mentioned at all, as it has seemed to me that the mainstream media has been avoiding alluding to even the possibility of nefarious motives.

    Perhaps all sides have decided that no one is going to get any new ideas or be persuaded of anything, by anything that is done from this point forward, so they are switching to the mode of just getting their respective followers into cheering for an defending their own camps. Hardcore Obama defenders are not going to be swayed by anything he’s done, and his enemies squawking “See? See? Whaddid I tellya?” will not persuade anyone, either.

    What a sorry political scenario we live with.

  5. The house will not find him in contempt. Their will not be a SINGLE democrat who will vote for that. And even on the republican side most don’t have the balls to go after holder anyway. He’s going to get out of this. He is going to get away with this. And somehow the republicans will be made to be the bad guys in all this. The media will downplay/not report what obama did and defend his actions fighting tooth and nail, lying and giving deliberate disinformation. And stupid people will believe it. MSNBC called it a ‘distraction’. If that’s the case what was watergate and CONTRA?

    1. That’s what I expect the strategy is. David Hardy listed the next steps:

      The whole House votes on it, and contra quasi-concern troll Shawn (it’s not like he doesn’t have a whole lot of evidence from the recent past to back up his concerns, I mean, Waco anyone? Those deaths, especially the ones cause by the combat engineering vehicles crushing to death more than a dozen victims, weren’t indirect), I think they’ll manage it. I think they want to win the next election in general, which an no vote will hurt a lot, I think.

      Then the charge is referred to the Department of Justice.

      Quoting Hardy:

      If it (surprise!) refuses to press charges, I believe the House appoints one of its members to press charges in its name.

      By the time all this plays out it could be past the November election, and suspect they’re not worrying about anything but that (Obama doesn’t show serious concern about actually being able to govern). In which case it’ll resemble Watergate if the Congressional Republicans continue to pursue it.

    2. Let me amend that after a little research: Shawn would appear to be an Eeyore, not a concern troll of any sort.

      I think/hope he’s incorrect, if for no other reason than the House leadership’s watering down of the contempt charge (narrowing the scope of the demanded documents).

      One assumes they did that with the intent of making sure it passes the whole House; if it fails, they’ve got to go. Then again, that’s generally true, the Republic and certainly the Republican party might not survive their gross ineptness, i.e. do any of us expect them plus a Republican Senate plus a President Romney to seriously reign in the budget and stop the “trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see” before we hit a fiscal brick wall?

      (I just noted the category tags to the right, this comment if tagged would include “Politicians Suck”, or at least our current ruling class.)

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