Non-Violent Misdemeanants Have Second Amendment Rights

So says a federal district court, upon considering Chicago’s law that bars licenses from anyone convicted for any gun violation, no matter how trivial or minor.

3 Responses to “Non-Violent Misdemeanants Have Second Amendment Rights”

  1. Joel C says:

    Good. Now, when we see the same thing for non-violent felonies, then we’ll be talkin’.

  2. Zermoid says:

    What I think is ridiculous is being barred for having someone file a PFA against you. You have been convicted of no crime, yet your rights are curtailed because someone ‘thinks’ you might do something.

    Sounds like a bad sequel to Minority Report if you ask me.

  3. PFA is a protective order or restraining order? In most states, protective orders and restraining orders can be issued on very little evidence, but only temporarily. As long as they are very temporary, I can see the tradeoff justification. Permanent restraining orders are much more demanding (as well they should be) of due process.