More Evidence Our Opponents are Delusional

CSGV has been hawking this story for the past week, and I guess they found an outlet lacking in enough credibility enough to bite. I am not normally one to defend NAGV, but if anyone thinks this graphic is a threat to the President, they are completely delusional. Besides, NAGR is not alone, as Miguel has found numerous instances of Google making violent threats against the President and other high-profile public figures.

If this is the juvenile accusations our opponents have stooped to, I feel pretty good about things. I saw some of the folks who follow CSGV mention that this notion of an Obama gun ban is just lunacy, but for once this is based on an actual issue, namely the re-importation of M1 Garand rifles. While the Administration has reluctantly allowed the importation of 86,000 M1 Garands from South Korea, it is still blocking the importation of some 600,000 M1 Carbines, because “they come with a magazine that can carry multiple rounds.”

Ordinarily, both the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine are considered Curious & Relics under federal law, and are unrestricted from importation, regardless of the “sporting purposes” requirement. But because the Department of Defense still exercises controls over re-importation of firearms sold or given as surplus to foreign governments, the Administration has chosen to ban these rifles from re-importation. So it is correct to suggest that this is a gun ban imposed by the Administration.

13 thoughts on “More Evidence Our Opponents are Delusional”

  1. Also an unmanned rifle is a threat? Don’t the Marines have a chant where they mention that without the rifle the Marine is nothing, and without the Marine the rifle is nothing.

    But hey, they REALLY want some outrage on this, and they’ve been pushing this story everywhere they can.

    And the simple rebuttal is “You’re a lunatic!” and then point and laugh.

  2. Am I the only one who noticed that the second ‘threatening’ picture is of the gun control statute at the UN building?

  3. They’re not so much banning the M1 carbine as they’re banning the right to keep and bear arms. They’re saying that the American people don’t have a right to those guns. We do.
    The president would do well to remember that it was our tax dollars that paid to make those guns in the first place.

  4. DevsAdvocate, move to PA! I did, no real regrets only that I miss being able to collect my own seafood, I can live with that.

    Seriously, why does any gun owner live in NJ, or California for that matter. Move to somewhere that actually want’s you AND your guns to be there!

  5. I just look at the current hold status of the 600,000 M1 carbines and realize I have more time to save up my spare change, to purchase one or two when they get imported under Romney.

  6. I never understand this. A .30-06 will go through a lot of armor, bulletproof glass (with the right ammo) and bullet proof vests.

    .30 carbine is a moderate .357 magnum load. Which most vests, armor, and bulletproof glass can stop easily.

    They are trying to ban things based upon scariness, not effectiveness. Idiots.

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