Controlling Bureaucrats Through the Purse Strings

The appropriations bill for the Department of Commerce and Department of Justice contain eleven provisions that should be helpful to gun owners. I’m particularly happy to see four provisions that will be finally made permanent. This appropriations game is one that NRA plays quite skillfully, but permanent provisions are always better than having to constantly fight for appropriations riders every year.

One thought on “Controlling Bureaucrats Through the Purse Strings”

  1. I’m curious about that “Importation of Curios and Relics” one. Do you think the administration’s blockage of the re-importation of the M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from South Korea will be lifted, or will it be allowed to stand?

    The whole fear of magazine-fed firearms is ridiculous to begin with. Blocking the re-importation of historic rifles that were manufactured in America is just plain hoplophobic and insane.

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