3 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. Rand Paul is going to be a very very serious contender in 2016.

    I really believe that’s what much of the current ground work is for in this election. I don’t think Ron Paul really expects the job of Presidency. I think he’s working logistically to build a movement that can propel his son.

    In 2016 Rand Paul will have a number of years experience as a Senator. He is younger, more attactive (no bushy eyebrows). Does need to work on his posture, no being photographed slouching.

    In fact, I still hold to the fact that if Romney wants to win, his VP choice needs to be Rand Paul. Otherwise, he’s lost. There is no one he can add that will really push him over the winning line.

    If he adds Chris Christie, Rubio, etc. They just draw conservatives. If he adds Rand Paul, he still pretty much gets all the conservatives. As theyre NOT going to vote for Obama. But the Pauls have the ability to draw a LOT of the anti-war crowd away from Obama. And that 2%-4% swap is the difference between candidate and President.

  2. Rand is not as solid as his father on individual liberties. His typical answer is that they should be punted to the states–this is exactly the same nonsensical approach that the SCOTUS took with the Slaughter-House Cases and it’s a problem. He’s also pandered to the crazy right at times to get elected–a problem his father has never had.

    The good news is that he’s certainly more telegenic and much better spoken.

  3. I like Ron much better as a politician, but Rand much better as a candidate. Ron’s problem is he has a lot of baggage from people ascribing incorrect labels to him (racist, crazy, etc) and then ignoring him. I think Rand will do much better than his father.

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