Music to My Ears

The Inquirer is lamenting the loss of Philadelphia political power:

Philadelphia is quickly losing clout in Harrisburg, and considering the city’s budget crisis, it couldn’t happen at a worse time.

First, after Democratic voting last week, Carbon County State Rep. Keith McCall is all but certain to assume the title of House speaker come January – a title held by Philadelphians for the last five years.

For gun owners, Keith McCall is an NRA A+ rated Democrat from Carbon County.  Our previous speaker was actually Philadelphia Republican Dennis O’Brein, who was also an A rated guy on our issue, but it’s good that the seat doesn’t appear to be going to a big city Dem.

They also lament the loss of Vince Fumo’s top Democratic spot in the Senate Appropriations committee to an Allegeny County Dem.  Fumo did not run for re-election because he is currently under a 139 count indictment by the feds for fraud and various other malfeasance.  The Democrats did gain one house seat in Pennsylvania’s House, increasing their lead to a whopping two seats.  But the departure of Fumo and the Philadelphia political machine from important positions is something to feel good about.