Netroots Primary Arlen

Sestak is still making louder noises about a primary Challenge against Specter, and it looks like the progressive-left is looking to get behind him, despite the fact that the Democratic establishment in Pennsylvania is behind Specter.

Actually, if NRA endorses Specter in the primary, I will gladly help him.  Let’s not forget Sestak is an anti-gun leader, and is a solid-left Democrat.  I will gladly help Arlen beat him in a primary.  The idea of Sestak representing Pennsylvania in the Senate disgusts me a lot more than Arlen ever has.

UPDATE: More here.

One thought on “Netroots Primary Arlen”

  1. I may have to reverse my attitude on Specter. I despise the twit, but after the democrats took away his committee seniority this week, keeping him in office on the left side of the aisle and watching him screw over the democrats like he has the republicans all these years is just plain funny.

    And like you said: it CAN be worse….

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