Democrats Withdraw Trayvon Amendment

Apparently they know a losing issue when they see it. Our opponents will not be happy about this, which puts a big smile on my face. There is a gap between elites and ordinary people (who compose juries) when it comes to the issue of self-defense, and politicians forget that at their peril. Just recall how lop sided some of the votes have been in the past for Castle Doctrine.

5 thoughts on “Democrats Withdraw Trayvon Amendment”

  1. It kind of took the blowhard out of their sails after Zimmerman is sitting on a murder 2 charge when they have been telling us how SYG allows people get away with murder.

  2. The only way the Leftists and the media were able to claim that SYG allowed one to get away with murder was to lie about it, and claim that if you “felt like you were threatened”, you could shoot, and used the classic leftist absurd (but I repeat myself) example of a harmless little old lady in the grocery store with a celery stalk making you feel threatened.
    But as I’ve said, reading comprehension is not their long suit, and only by eliminating all the uses of the word “reasonable” in the SYG statue were they able to set up the thesis that it was one’s internal thoughts that governed, rather than what the police and the courts, and ultimately the jury would determine to be Reasonable, i.e. a legitimate concern for one’s safety which would then invoke the protection of the SYG law.
    And THEY are the party of rationality and nuance! Cretins! But I think I insulted cretins.

  3. The feds might as well have a plenary police power, if all they need to do is threaten to defund programs within the states that have laws not to their liking.

  4. They didn’t think this through, apparently.

    The Dems have already come out against mom and to an extent, apple pie. Obama’s buddy is proud to trample the flag

    So did they really think they could come out as soft on street crime and pro-bully? It really appears they didn’t consider that being against self defense would be a bad position to take.

    Not to mention the increasing attacks by black teenagers on the street with the knock out game. Not racially motivated, according to police and race-group officials, which leaves that the attacks were just the way black people, at least the young, are, randomly violent. I think if I was the Left, I’d stick with a few racially motivated attackers rather than slandering (without real evidence) an entire racial group in explaining this violence.

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