4 thoughts on “Resolution of Contempt”

  1. I think both of the links go to the same website. I’m continuously baffled that Bill Newell’s name is left out of these documents; he seems to have been Holder’s man on the scene through most of the debacle.

    I hope something comes of this. AG’s in general are way over political in the way they enforce the nation’s laws, but Holder has been especially, shall we say, selective.

  2. I’m afraid nothing will come of this, because so far I have not gotten the feeling that the general public, except for our camp, has taken the slightest interest in the F&F issue. Things like this only move forward in proportion to the political mileage that can be gotten from them, and if no one is watching, everyone in government will just as soon move on.

    I hope I’m wrong.

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