Self-Defense: How Not to Do It

Generally a bad idea to try to shoot shoplifters. It will tend you get you in trouble with the authorities. Is a bottle of liquor really worth someone’s life? Especially given the shot went errant and narrowly missed killing an innocent third party.

It’s also not a good idea to play cop. When cops make mistakes, they get to claim qualified immunity. When you make a mistake, you get to claim top or bottom bunk in the prison. Not exactly fair, but that’s how it goes.

9 thoughts on “Self-Defense: How Not to Do It”

  1. Shooting randomly above a head of a shoplifter isn’t so smart. Shooting a robber with a knife or a gun is.

    But I have no problem with the second story. They though the house was being broken into, they had no idea if these people were armed, so they held them at gun point. They used no more force then necessary.

      1. I think they should have called the police; you only pull a gun when there is a danger to someone.

      2. That’s why I live in TX, where they still believe that the hours of your life spent to acquire your property are worth defending… and your neighbor’s too.

      3. In defense of property? Yes.

        They did the right thing. They didn’t willy nilly start shooting, they held them at gun point just like cops would do until they were subdued.

    1. Agreed. What goes up, must come down. Pick a target and aim to hit it, or don’t shoot. Shooting into the air at any time is reckless. I know they teach the “3 shots in the air” as a way to call for help in some classes, but I respectfully disagree.

  2. What would the neighbors have done if the new owners had pulled out their CCW handguns and shot back? That’s the real danger in that situation.

  3. Sebastian,

    Your post title is a little misleading don’t you think.

    In neither case was the firearms used for self defense.

    It seems like you are pulling the same tricks the antis do; “Oh Look — they broke the law to defend themselves”.

    It is bunk when they do it and bunk when you do it.

    Usually you are more accurate in your description. Did the examples do wrong in their use of firearms – yes. Absolutely. I hope they are charged and convicted as appropriate.

    But confusing the issue regarding self defense doesn’t help.

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