Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania

It would seem that we have a bill introduced, HB2176. It does not, at this point, have many cosponsors, and has yet to be scheduled for a hearing. It would be worthwhile to put pressure on the members of the House Judiciary Committee to try to get this a hearing.

It is no doubt an uphill battle, and I expect this time around, it won’t even get a hearing. But it’s worthwhile to get it on legislator’s radar screens.

5 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania”

  1. Doubt it will be passed, but I’ll talk to the guy running for representative in my district.

    Couple of things I noticed reading the bill:

    – Lawful purpose defined, and that means that carrying in a school will be allowed under this bill
    – Only involuntary commitment to a mental institution bars carrying, but that commitment can be expunged allowing carrying
    – I really like the language that codifies not allowing harassment or arrests of open carriers.

  2. PA is the lone voice of gun sanity in a Northeast of gun pansy asses. We really don’t need this. It’s too divisive.

    Trust me–the legislature is about 75/25 pro-gun; always has been, probabliy always will be. Our Ds are mostly conservative pro-life, pro-gun Ds.

  3. Probably will go nowhere. Still good to see that so many states are submitting laws like this, rather than the past when it was all sorts of crazy gun bans an truncations of individual rights.

    Shows where the wind is blowing.

  4. It is a shame that Pennsylvania doesn’t have a truly functioning state organization that is capable of generating some high-volume support for legislation such as this. It also is a shame that the Old Guard organizations (that always were regional and never really statewide) have never had any enthusiasm for Constitutional Carry, showing evidence of preferring the elite status of being certified permit holders to the actual freedom of enjoying the RKBA as a right rather than a privilege.

    1. I agree. Utah has a similar problem–I don’t know where to go, to work on a local level, to getting Constitutional Carry passed. At the very least, I need to work up the courage and call my State Senator and Representative, and talk to them directly about this issue. :-)

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