Constitutional Carry Shot Down in New Hampshire

Apparently a number of legislators thought it was just to dangerous, and there was no need for the Granite State to replicate the bloodshed and carnage that runs rampant next door in Vermont, which has never required any permit, and does not issue them.

7 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Shot Down in New Hampshire”

  1. It’s more nuanced that that. NH has three (yes, 3…) gun rights groups and 2/3rds of them didn’t like the bill because it didn’t go far enough.

    Perfection meet your moral enemy, Good.

  2. At least someone put the issue on the table, which is more than I expect to see done here in Pennsylvania anytime soon.

    Does anyone plan to ream any of our rock-ribbed, pro-gun stalwarts in the General Assembly next week for not doing anything about Constitutional Carry – ever?

    Oh, I forgot. They’ve been too tied up trying to stem that huge tide of Illegal Invaders crossing our borders out of Ohio and West Virginia.

    1. Not doing anything?

      Have you seen HB 2176 with 27 co-sponsors, and currently awaiting Judiciary Committee review & voting?

  3. I was just in Vermont on Tuesday. I kept my heater handy, because the blood was over the Subaru’s axles.

  4. “Have you seen HB 2176 with 27 co-sponsors, and currently awaiting Judiciary Committee review & voting?”

    Pending a more thorough reading, I stand most humbly corrected — and shocked out of my skin.

    Since I feel compelled to make an excuse for my ignorance, I have to say that I have been listening to our legislators’ (and Real Gunnies’) excuses for not doing it for so many years now, that they’re sometimes played on the Oldies Channels. I had stopped expecting to hear anything like that, years ago.

  5. HB 2176. . .

    I’ve just done some cursory investigation, and it seems HB 2176 was introduced just over a month ago, on March 28 — and yet no one much seems to be talking about it, and no one on this board at all (?) until Bryan S. mentioned it above. I feel less bad about not having heard about it, but am moved to ask, WTF? This should be the news of the century, in PA. I checked out PAFOA, and got only 23 hits on the subject. Looks to me it could die for lack of interest!

    1. I had heard a bill was going to be introduced, but I did not know the bill number, and that it had happened. First I heard a bill number. But I’d note it’s just been introduced. Getting a hearing in Judiciary would be the next step.

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