More Suits over Concealed Carry

SAF and Alan Gura are going after Maryland now, for their arbitrary permit issuance. Maryland is in the 4th Circuit, along with Virginia, West Virginia, and the Carolinas. Culturally this seems to be a good place to go after carry, since Maryland is the outlier in that circuit in terms of issuance of concealed carry licenses, rather than the rule, as New York is in the 2nd Circuit. Dave Hardy notes it looks like a solid case.

UPDATE: I should note that New York shares its circuit with two other states, Vermont, who issues no permits because they are not required, and CT, who do issue permits on a mostly shall-issue basis. But population wise and culturally, New York dominates the Second Circuit.

4 thoughts on “More Suits over Concealed Carry”

  1. It seems as though Gura and Co. are filing multiple suits in multiple circuits on similar issues at once, as they expect mixed results. These mixed results will then allow them to request the SCotUS intervene, and more concretely define their defense of regulation in Heller and McDonald.

  2. May issue states might have a tough time in the future after Heller and McDonnald unless they have very objective criteria for allowing or denying a permit.

  3. This one I think is just a hair weaker than the Westchester suit, in that the MD guy had a permit. Conceivably the court could grant relief by finding that the circumstances that supported his “exceptional” permit are still valid. Which might well be the point; to set up a circuit split.

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