Constitutional Carry Vetoed by Governor Daugaard of South Dakota

This was a surprise to wake up to this morning, but it does go to show why Constitutional Carry is such a difficult issue for us in Pennsylvania, when it’s extremely difficult to get it even in states where it should be a slam-dunk. Governor Daugaard has signed a number of pro-gun measures into law during his tenure, but this was apparently a bit too much for him. South Dakota would have been the 4th state to enact Constitutional Carry, and the 5th state to not require a license or permit to carry a concealed firearm. The other states are Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming. Vermont has always had constitutional carry.

2 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Vetoed by Governor Daugaard of South Dakota”

  1. What was the reasoning the governor gave; any? I disagree with it, but the reasoning against Constitutional carry that I usually hear from otherwise pro-gun people is that taking away the requirement for a permit takes away the requirement to get training in state deadly force laws as well as learning local restrictions. That will be the major excuse against national reciprocity, too.

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