Tab Clearing: Catching Up From Boston Edition

Took a bit to catch up on blogs, since I hadn’t been reading all week because of the mid-week business trip to Boston. But now I’m caught up, and have my tabs loaded up.

Thirdpower compares CSGV headquarters in Washington D.C. to NRA’s Headquarters in Fairfax. CSGV HQ is located over a bar. To be fair, NRA’s Federal Affairs office in D.C. is located over a bar as well. I’d also point out, having been in NRA’s office, they aren’t wasting your membership money on posh office furniture. I also find it interesting that despite the claim CSGV is not about banning guns, their office decor would seem to say otherwise.

Tam notes that parody is becoming impossible.

Jacob notes gun control FAIL in New York’s Capitol in Albany. Bitter’s talk at NRA’s Grassroots Seminar was better attended than this rally, and this is New York State. Naturally the media ignored it. The big problem is that the cowards at ALEC and Corporate America in general don’t know the difference between a real grassroots movement, and astroturfing ginned up by Soros and his buddies. Jacob also notes that Mayor Bloomberg isn’t very highly regarded by NRA Annual Meeting attendees.

Back to Thirdpower again, where he notes that CSGV would seem to believe that women should run away from spousal abusers rather than act in self-defense. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the extremists at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence do not, in fact, believe in the right to defend ones life.

Tom Maguire notes that at least some in the black community are speaking out against seeking justice for Trayvon by beating up white people, but we’re hearing crickets from the Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson.

Clayton Cramer notes that gun owners might want to close their accounts with Bank of America and reports on an important case in the Kentucky Supreme Court which allows students to have a firearm in their vehicle on campus.

NRA-ILA’s Chief Lobbyist Chris Cox writes a letter to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, decrying their position on guns in parking lots.

A gun carrying man ended a stabbing spree, which is two things our opponents say never happens wrapped into one incident, that a gun owner stopped a mass killer, and that there are such things as stabbing sprees.

Americans are increasingly in favor of gun rights and gay marriage. I favor both, as does Professor Reynolds, who I owe a hat tip to for this link.

John Richardson notes that Holder is getting close to being issued a contempt citation, and that there are no coincidences when it comes to BATFE dragging forward the Mexican Gun Canard once again.

Larry Elder, of the Los Angeles Daily News, notes that gun owners are wise to fear Obama. Anyone who can count to five can see that, which apparently does not include many members of the media.

Eugene Volokh notes a Second Amendment case in Hawaii that could mean someone convicted of misdemeanor harassment, that did not involve violence, cannot be denied the right to own a firearm.

4 thoughts on “Tab Clearing: Catching Up From Boston Edition”

  1. I found it interesting to note that the article specified “Gun carrying man” ends stabbing spree, instead of “Gun” or “Gunman” ends stabbing spree. If this had been a bad shooting, the media would have written “gunman guns down passersby, etc.”

    They are so quick to blame the gun for bad outcomes instead of the man, but focus on the man when a gun is used to salve lives!

  2. Gun grabbers, and statists of all stripes, can be understood given the basic assumption that human life is precious beyond everything else. If most criminals would rather run than kill a victim, then more human lives can be saved by not shooting criminals, whether thieves or rapists. This is warped logic. Victims do not have the responsibility of putting their lives on the line for the greater good. But if you look at gun grabbers with that basic assumption in mind, everything they do makes sense.

    I don’t know what gun grabbers think of obvious mass murderers like school shooters, where there is no doubt that shooting the murderer will save lives. I think those situations are so rare that they shouldn’t enter into the politics of guns, and maybe they think so too. 2 million defensive uses a year far outweigh the few school shootings there are, even if only one out of a thousand uses would have prevented a killing.

  3. I really am upset at the disparaging tone taken towards the Post pub. It is really one of the last great truly “dive” bars in dc. Last time I went there, someone in my party asked what kind of wine they had. The surly bar matron responded. “Both kinds, red and white.”

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