The Problems of Real Grassroots

If NRA is really responsible for duping ordinary gun owners with the rhetoric of fear, as our opponents claim, then why does NRA so often have to engage in rumor control? I thought it was the NRA had sole-proprietorship on fear mongering with gun owners. So where do these rumors come from? More importantly, where are the rumors from our opponents about our bills that will legalize RPGs on every street corner?

9 Responses to “The Problems of Real Grassroots”

  1. joated says:

    While I’m glad that the NRA has cleared up what seems to have been a gross misconception, I’m troubled by the page numbers referenced in this item. The NRA cites page 1340 (or there abouts) which leads me to believe there are many, many more pages in this bill. Why do we continue to have laws (bills) with so many damn pages? Postcards people! Postcards! If you cant’ fit it on a postcard–and in plain English, no smaller than 10-pt. type, do we really need it at all?

    • Sebastian says:

      It would be difficult to fit the federal budget onto a postcard. That was probably true even in 1789.

      • Alpheus says:

        So we make an exception for the Federal Budget, and allow for it to have up to two post cards!

        All kidding aside, the *really* scary thing about thes multi-k bills, is that often they are just the groundwork for the regulatory agency, that then is “given” the “responsibility” (as though Congress has the Constitutional Authority to delegate this authority) to create regulations that far exceed the size of the original bill, all created by Bureaucrats who are, for the most part, not accountable to the People, like Congress and the President are.

        Why, oh why, do we put up with “Legislation Without Representation”?

  2. Dann in Ohio says:

    Didn’t you hear… the NRA is pushing a bill that would allow Short-Barrel RPGs with Bayonets…


    Dann in Ohio

    • Garrett Lee says:

      That could be problematic. If I stab you with a bayoneted rifle, I can still shoot through your corpse (assuming a decent round in the rifle, at least). How are you going to shoot through a bayoneted corpse on an RPG?

      • Robert says:

        Well, if the RPG has a minimum-arm distance, you MIGHT be able to shoot the corpse off the bayonet without getting all explody. Only question will be if you’ll be toasted from the rocket propellant…

  3. Richard says:

    And anyway, I don’t get my fear and suspicion by reading stuff from the NRA, I get it from reading stuff put out by the anti-self defense people.

  4. Sigivald says:

    More importantly, where are the rumors from our opponents about our bills that will legalize RPGs on every street corner?

    Well, public playing of Role Playing Games is a scourge and menace…

    • Ian Argent says:

      Some fun may be had in an NJ diner by discussing the in-game events of the previous night’s Shadowrun game while there are cops in the next booth over