More Gun Control Groups Becoming Unhinged

It’s becoming more clear to me that the former major gun control group, the Brady Campaign, are increasingly surrendering on influencing policy, and have adopted a new tactic of embracing radicalism, likely in an attempt to solicit more donors so they can all keep their jobs. Just take a look at Dan Gross’ statement from Brady:

Mitt Romney has already established a clear reputation for flip-flopping and pandering to win votes, and that is just what he is doing by speaking at the NRA convention.  This time he is going too far.  He is proudly aligning himself with a lobby that is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans every year, a lobby that uses a mentality of fear and paranoia, tinged with just the right amount of racism, to promote its sole agenda of selling more guns, with no concern for who buys those or how they are used.

So we’re racists and murderers now, according to the Brady Campaign. That, folks, isn’t meant to speak to politicians, the media, or other such people who can legitimately influence policy. That’s meant to speak to the mouth foamers and convince them to open their wallets. Not to be outdone, the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership one decides they need to up the ante. In the realm of crazy, they will not be outdone by the pikers at the Brady Campaign.


Naturally I challenged such a ridiculous assertion, but they felt the need to keep digging:

NRA Racists CSGV

So I follow their link, and it starts out with a bunch of statements from Carol Bambery that are unsupported by live links, and then moves on quickly to the white supremacist statements of… Ken Blackwell.

Lets Get Real CSGV

Now I have my disagreements with Blackwell. He’s a strong social conservative and on social issues I tend to run pretty liberal. But calling Ken Blackwell a White Supremacist is up there with the best tin foil hat rhetoric I’ve run across.

Ken Blackwell a Racist, Really?

And finally, the coup de grace:

Yes, folks, this George Wallace who famously said “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” This is not a message aimed at a rational audience. This is a message aimed at people who are mentally off kilter, or highly ignorant, and who I’m sure CSGV are hoping are ignorant enough to actually donate them money, or you know, show up a protest. I know from my own activist experience that the off kilter and ignorant are unreliable and often counterproductive to have on your side. This is a losing strategy for them. To be relevant you need people who live in a reality, not mouth foamers. Mouth foamers will just destroy your credibility. We should be happy our opponents seem to have lost touch with reality as we know it. We are winning. MAIG is the only remaining serious threat.

17 thoughts on “More Gun Control Groups Becoming Unhinged”

  1. The mouth foamers will not hurt their side as much as they would ours. That is because the media will turn a blind eye to their mouth foamers instead of trying to highlight them as a representative sample of the organization.

  2. I have thought about arguing with them….but honestly, they only have like a thousand followers. Eeven speaking with them gives them credit they dont deserve. Just my opinion

  3. Let them froth and foam. They should scream and bark at the moon too. At some point, maybe, those with a functional brain
    will realize there are nuts among us and and they be the ones.

    Those that can’t will also be identifiable.


  4. What I love about their mentality is, with crime out of control for many many decades, crazy shootings and killings of women and children…..these advocacy groups decide to take a stand and try to make things better. So what do they decide to do?

    “Lets attack the one group that supports legal, law abiding gun ownership” ..hahaha yea, good call!

    You wouldn’t want to make a push for public members banding together to stop gangs and robbers and other criminals. You wouldn’t want to educate parents and kids on gun safety (Oh need to , NRA has already done that for decades)

    The NRA has spent millions on child safety education. How much has CSGV spent? ya…..

  5. Damned for-profit supremacist organizations, tarnishing the reputations of all the non-profit supremacist organizations look bad.

    CSGV keeps posting like that, and some judge is going to order a breathalyzer installed on their laptops.

  6. They’ve got to save their phony baloney jobs.

    If no one donates money, they have to get real jobs. They’ve got to make a decision. Either make some cash or keep pretending that they might win one of these days while going broke. They’ve chosen to keep the paycheck, so they have to act like wackos so that other wackos will give them cash.

    Besides, the whole Zimmerman/Martin thing wasn’t about the shooting at all. It was just another way to attack ALEC. They were successful in getting corps to stop giving money to them. Understand that it wasn’t the Stand Your Ground issue that put ALEC in the crosshairs of the big progressive groups that funded this media circus, it was the fact that they push free market laws. CSGV and Brady were pawns in a battle between Soros/Tides/MoveOn etc and ALEC. We were just a sideshow in a much bigger battle.

  7. Saddest part is that there still are some individuals stupid enough to think that giving up your Rights is a good idea……

  8. … how is complaining about Africans losing their freedom (during Jimmy Carter’s Presidency or not) “racist”?

    The mind, it boggles.

    (PT asked: How can a black man be a white supremacist?

    Same as anyone else, by thinking whitey is inherently superior.

    It’s just a lot less common among people who aren’t white, for psychological reasons that are pretty obvious.

    Not that I’m saying Mr. Blackwell is one, naturally – I don’t know him, and it seems unlikely based on what’s presented – but the fact of being black doesn’t mean one can’t be a white supremacist; the psychology of self-hatred is not exactly an novel thing unknown to mankind.)

  9. The nature of hyperbole is to expound an opinion that has been taken to absurd levels, and present it as fact. It is sophistry, and attacks the critical thinking skills of the audience by playing to their fears. It is the art of misdirection, manipulation, and mendacity.

    A hallmark of hyperbole is the use of loaded terms like “murder,” “racist,” and “mouth foamers” to clearly delineate tribal boundaries and put the audience in a highly charged emotional state in which they can more easily be directed.

    The progun side has facts on it’s side, and does not need to stoop to sophistry to make an argument. But for the antigun people, it’s about all they have. Still, this is not about winning an argument per se, it’s about emotional manipulation to motivate people to do what one wants, right?

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