A Little Weekend Humor from the NRA Members Meeting

Somehow, St. Louis manages to attract the amusing resolutions at the Members Meeting. I believe it was St. Louis in 2007 that had a resolution from the floor to ban NRA from publishing any materials in languages other than English. The argument from the resolution’s author was that English should be the official language of the United States, so therefore, NRA should never, ever consider any other language for their materials. It was argued that as an NGO at the UN, we needed to print materials in many languages, not to mention outreach into communities here in the United States. The guy then argued that since other countries don’t have a Second Amendment, they don’t matter. Wow, I hope he wasn’t around this year for Newt’s speech…

As I recall, it did unfortunately get a second, but the members overwhelmingly voted it down. Unlike the sponsor, other members were not willing to put our heads in the sand and ignore the issues abroad and with outreach into non-English speaking communities here at home.

This year, there was another wacky resolution from the floor. I guess Ted Nugent did an interview on CNN with Piers Morgan. This resulted in a resolution that didn’t seem to actually call for anything, but talked about the New World Order run by CNN and the British disarming culture attacked Uncle Ted who is the best Second Amendment advocate in the history of the country – NO ONE has done as much for the Second Amendment as Ted Nugent. Yeah…

I’m proud to say that the resolution couldn’t even get a second. Which was particularly funny since Sheriff Printz kept trying to just get it off the floor by sending it to committee. Turns out he didn’t need to do so since the motion couldn’t even get a second. You could have heard crickets in that room.

I wonder if the guy didn’t try to speak in favor of his resolution because he finally picked up the financial information in the back of the room that told him just how much NRA has to pay Uncle Ted to get him to do the event at Annual Meeting. While he might remain a fan, the gentleman might rethink his position on no else ever having done nearly as much as Ted Nugent for the cause.

3 thoughts on “A Little Weekend Humor from the NRA Members Meeting”

  1. Never understood the Ted Nugent thing: bad music; crass self-promotion; ridiculous public statements…

    But he’s so into the Second Amendment so let’s deify him! Yay!


  2. What ever happened to the Grizzly Adams looking Neal Knox supporter from Alaska? Always got up at the member meetings and proposed some kind of sillyness or another. Although, after about my 3rd members meeting, he got kinda annoying.

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