Lynch First, And Ask Questions Later

This should be the new mantra of the anti-gun crowd: “Lynch first, and ask questions later.” The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s 501(c)(3) bastard cousin who they all actually work for, funds the “Meet the NRA” web site which profiles “controversial” (in CSGV’s world) things that Board members say by taking them out of context and misleading readers. Lately they’ve been adding to Ted Nugent’s list (a long list, they don’t call him the Motor City Madman for nothing) of quotes, which he speaks against George Zimmerman being tried in the media before he’s even had a fair trial, and all the facts have come out.

I’ll be the first to admit I often find Nugent’s over the top rhetoric to be exactly that, but what’s objectionable with the idea of presumption of innocence, and the right to a trial by a fair and impartial jury? I only have to assume if CSGV believes these ideas condemn Ted Nugent, it means they reject these principles themselves. Are the fine with trial by media? Would they fine with just summarily hanging Zimmerman from a sour apple tree as long as enough voices from the mob called for it? I will be the first to suggest political activism is a necessarily ugly process, often disconnected from reality, but presumption of innocence is a bedrock principle of a free society. The fact that our opponents seem to be against that basic hallmark tells me all I need to know about the necessity of opposing them vigorously.

CSGV particularly has been quick to summon the ghosts of the Founding Fathers, to suggest we’re all suffering from delusion to believe they would have supported so much gun nuttery. They believe they are the true carriers of the Founders’ flame, and have said so on several occasions. But John Adams risked his safety and reputation to defend the sentries who were put on trial following another public outrage and trial by media, ginned up as “The Boston Massacre.” Adams abhorred the mob, probably more than he abhorred the crown. The justice of the law may not always be justice, but I don’t think the justice of the mob can ever be justice, and organizations like CSGV and the Brady Campaign ought to be ashamed of themselves for not only promoting it, but condemning those who stand up for the bedrock principles of a free Republic.

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  1. Yes, they would be happy with mob “justice.” What many if not most gunnies do not understand is that the people who run the gun control groups, especially CSGV, are not ignorant or misguided. They know what they’re doing is wrong here just as they know all their gun control schemes are wrong. They just don’t care. It is perfectly acceptable for them to behave in such a way in order to advance their agenda because they don’t share the same moral or ethical standards as most people do.

  2. “but what’s objectionable with the idea of presumption of innocence”

    They fear they’ll be wrong about Zimmerman, so they’d rather poison the waters beforehand just to make sure. What’s really disgusting is that they’re not just doing this out of ignorance or emotional outrage, it’s intentional and calculated.

  3. Tawana Brawley, Bernie Goets, Rather Gate, Duke University, Edit Gate, Travon Martin…. they do not learn from history. Me thinks its time we remind them… at the poles and with our dollars.

  4. The further away in time we are from an event (or series of events), the more we forget the lessons learned. We have been relatively free for long enough that too many people don’t remember what it means to be free, what it cost to become free, and what it takes to remain free.

    Presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a cornerstone of a free society. Too many people don’t remember, or do not understand, history. They don’t know what it means to have massive numbers of people imprisoned or summarily executed by a monarchy or tyrant because they dissent from the “majority’s” prescriptive ideology.

    I just hope those events don’t have to reoccur in order to remind us of why our society adopted so many protections from such tyrannical behaviors.

    1. Our family was just discussing this the other day. Freedom like what our country has is rare today, rarer still compared to the rest of human history. Tyranny has always been the norm. Even being aware of it, it’s hard for me to really imagine it because as you said, it’s far removed from us.

      1. Right, and unfortunately there are people that do understand that tyranny is the norm in many places but they either thirst for power themselves, or they foolishly believe that our society has evolved, and is not capable of reverting to tyranny.

        1. Exactly, the mob is a very useful tool of those who wish to get their way but don’t yet have the physical force available for sheer intimidation. Then once the mob has tasted victory under its leaders, its much easier to rally them again when needed. It has worked for centuries.

  5. The State must (legally, and morally) always presume criminal innocence until guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    Individuals don’t have to – indeed, in various cases they’d have to be damned fools to – but they should not* pressure the State to act against that presumption because they’re Very Angry Indeed.

    (* Because of the first part; one should never pressure the State to do something the State should never do. Obviously.)

  6. So how does a 501(c)(3) get away with political activism? I’m an officer of a c3, and we’re pretty careful about that sort of thing, because violation could be grounds for revocation of our tax-free status. Or is that only for c3s which have officers who carry?

  7. The Zimmerman case was the validation of CSGV’s twisted sense of reality. All gun owners are raciest homicidal maniacs. After searching for year upon year for some shred, some crumb of evidence that the truth they hold so dear was true, here was their proof. They placed it on high, on the pedestal for all to worship, here is the holy grail of anti-self defense. Bask in the light of the epiphany, for we have exposed the evil gun owners for what they really are.

    Funny how just a few short months ago lynching was a dirty word, but in the liberal mindset it is only bad until they are doing it. They hate Uncle Ted for his irrefutable truths and zest for life. How can one man be so cheerful when they go through life miserably trying to impose their will on the rest of society. So as the case for racism falls apart they will wait for the next shred of proof to appear from their safe suburban homes because they are far to white to live in Chicago.

  8. Trial by media is based on fear, not rationality. In the same way, their own cause is based on an irrational fear of guns. Advocating for rationality in the Zimmerman/Martin case would undermine the basis for their own cause.

  9. I find it interesting, too, just what CSGV finds offensive–namely, conservitism, even libertarianism. Just from skimming those quotes, there’s a lot there that simply portray conservative values–although he has a certain “over the top” style of expressing them.

    Of course, it could be that CSGV is out to destroy everyone involved with the NRA, and that they hilight quotes from liberal NRA members with equal venom…but I somehow doubt it.

    And I also don’t see how seeing someone express my values (albeit in a way that may sometimes make me cringe) is supposed to make me anti-gun!

    But then, if you’re going to bash the 2nd Amendment, it’s likely because you’re trying to establish a utopia–so you’re not going to have problems bashing trial by jury (especially when trial by combat through proxies in the media is so much more fun!)…or any other right, for that matter, that gets in the way of your Utopian vision.

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