Sea Shepherd Trial Begins

Japan is not noted for having a fair justice system that respects the rights of the accused. But these idiots probably should have thought of that before boarding a Japanese vessel on the high seas. Interesting that he’s facing knife charges. What’s the difference between a legal and illegal knife in Japan? Surely they have cutlery.

7 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd Trial Begins”

  1. Hell, if the Japanese court had any balls, they’d have charged him with piracy, attempted piracy, and creating a hazard to navigation.

  2. I understand that prisons in Japan serve whale meat on thursdays….


  3. I enjoy watching the whale wars series on netflix. The most amazing part is the hypocrisy of the eco-terrorists. Throwing chemicals, trying to foul props, and even boarding the whalers, but when the whalers take any type of defensive measure the eco-terrorists act totally shocked. Its fine for them to throw nasty chemical bombs at the whalers, but the whalers can’t use defensive sound systems? And of course that the whalers would dare to lay hands on someone who just boarded their ship is an affront to human decency!

    The international ban on whaling is political, not scientific. There must be some amount of whaling that is sustainable, if the international whaling commission doesn’t want to set one, it shouldn’t be surprising that other people will

  4. I remembered reading this story a while back, thought I should share.

    Also, this sheds light on the more modern knife laws in Japan. I understand that there were changes after a public stabbing incident in a shopping district in Tokyo.

  5. Want to ban the Japanese from whaling?

    Then the US and Canada need to ban the inuits, eskimos, aleutians, etc from whaling as is their cultural history.

    The Japanese have been whaling for thousands of years and so have the native tribes in the Great White North. Stop one, stop them all. And that ain’t gonna happen.

  6. @Andrew
    I’m a native Alaskan. Born in Anchorage.

    There is a HUGH FUCKING DIFFERENCE between subsistence fishing/whaling in Alaska than East Asia.
    Last time I checked,there wasn’t any Inuit factory processing ships floating around Alaska, and there wasn’t a fleet of Eskimo whaling ships either The native tribes use all the whale.

    Japan cannot live within it’s means. Of course neither can a lot of Americans..but if you take time to actually look at the native tribes of America,they aren’t wasteful and they don’t over hunt or hunt just to say they shot a deer so they could mount the head on their wall.

    Get off your high horse and ask to attend a Native Alaskan potlatch or potluck

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