PolitiFact Florida on Brady Campaign

Shocker, PolitiFact finds the Bradys are full of shit. If this was true, I would have renewed my Florida permit. As it is, my local PD fingerprints only a few days a week and not during convenient hours. My friend Jason also got his Florida CWL in the same class I got mine, and when he went to renew, his local PD refused to take the prints because it was for a Florida CWL. Some digging, and we find during the anti-gun Rendell Administration, the State Police put out an advisory to local PDs not to fingerprint people for Florida licenses.

This is also despite the fact that both Jason and I have PA LTCs, and aren’t exploiting what our opponents misleadingly label as a “loophole.” Since my dad moved out of Delaware, I don’t really get that much use from the reciprocity anyway, so I never took this issue back up.

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  1. Whoa I didn’t know that. When I got my Utah permit the Lancaster City cops had no problem taken my fingerprints.

  2. In many discussions you will note that the Brady Bunch will go for the lowest common denominator in an argument. They will harp on the .02% occurrence of something and make it seem like it is commonplace.

    Of course, the very fact that people need to be fingerprinted by LEA means they are full of shit. Unless of course, the Brady Bunch will now begin to argue that the majority of CCW holders are friends with LEO’s and can get their fingerprinting done at home by their friend, who is a cop.

    Even so, why the focus on if someone has to leave their house or not? If this were true, so what? They are being fingerprinted and have background checks done. It isn’t as casual as they want to make it.

  3. In am a little bit amazed that Brady’s new leadership (Gross) is choosing this approach … which just seems so silly and amateurish I have to wonder what they are up to?

    I think that their “petition for the right to buy skittles without being shot” put it out of the park for me. Are they trying to message 3rd graders?

    1. I don’t think the Skittles thing is crazy at all. They are trying to capitalize on the Martin shooting to collect names, and are using messaging likely to appeal to people who haven’t thought too hard about gun control.

      As for Gross returning to the days of spewing nonsense and the media eating it up? Yeah. That is a mistake. The media have too many fact checkers these days, and as a result they are more careful.

      1. When they give a care about the facts and aren’t just trying to push an agenda, then they’ll say anything they want.

  4. I guess maybe they figured Dan Gross’s extensive background in marketing and fund-raising meant he could freely sell their fertilizer by labeling it as “perfume.”

    Trouble is, it doesn’t work when the people you’re trying to sell to: 1) have zero qualms about administering a smell test; and 2) have every reason to call the “perfume” what it really is.

    And this is the best they can do. It’s all they have left.

  5. As it happens, I have a Florida non-resident permit, and getting it wasn’t easy. I had a certificate from my firearms training course. The instructor had signed it, but hadn’t noted his “authority” on it. I had to get his certification number from the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, add that to the certificate, and re-submit. In addition, my local sheriff’s office took my fingerprints TWICE. The ridges on my fingers are pretty well worn down, and I don’t take a good print. I finally got the permit,but it sure wasn’t the cakewalk the Brady Bunch tries to make out.

    1. That’s the thing: you really can’t. According to FL law, the fingerprinting must be done at a law enforcement agency, and it’s highly unlikely (nigh impossible, actually) that they’ll let just any Joe Schmoe run the fingerprint scanner without assistance from a certified fingerprint technician (READ: the fingerprint tech will take your prints).

      Like JoeFromSidney says, it’s not the cake walk the Bradys make it out to be. Just like buying a fully-automatic machine gun without ID at a gun show isn’t the cake walk Adam Gadahn makes it out to be. Just because they say it doesn’t make it so.

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