Weekly Tab Clearing: Tales from the Internets

It’s time for another tab clearing. Last week was kind of slow, so I tended to use more stories rather than sit on them. So it’s taken until today to have enough to make a post worthwhile.

Thirdpower contrasts the Illinois State Rifle Association, and notes that it outperforms CSGV when it comes to grassroots. Not surprising. Being an anti-gunner is a dour, humorless existence, given that they can’t even take a joke. Being on our side is more fun.

Glenn Reynolds new law review article is number two on SSRN. Let’s see if we can make it number one. The download link is here.

Molly Smith is speaking out on the Second Amendment in the Daily Caller. I met Molly and her family out in Nevada at GBR a couple of years ago, and she’s quite an incredible shot. I owe someone a hat tip for this one, I think Extrano’s Alley.

In another attempt to put Second Amendment advocates on the defensive, Mayor Rahm is proposing a surtax on ammunition sales. An important thing to keep in mind is political capital goes both ways. If Mayor Rahm reaches too far, he’ll create a backlash and we’ll end up getting more than we otherwise would.

This old guy does not exist, because it’s a well known fact that people never defend themselves with a gun.

John Hinckley is trying to get out of his mental hospital. Doctors say his condition is in remission. Needless to say the Bradys aren’t too keen on his being released, which I don’t blame them for. He says he wants to be known for something other than being a  would be assassin. Don’t worry John, we also know you as a stalker of Jodie Foster, so don’t let your stinkin’ thinkin’ get you down.

Robb Allen got the Kriss out to the range. We’re still jealous here.

A robbery suspect dropped his gun after he tried to rob some folks in a hotel, and they pepper sprayed him. He later returned asking to buy the gun back that he dropped. They sprayed him again, and he fled. Police found and arrested him and are charging him with Stupidity in the First Degree.

Joe Huffman has been covering Markey’s Law every Monday. There’s a hefty amount of Markley’s Law happening fairly regularly among our opponents. We’re particularly incensed at Markley’s Law, since at least one half of our writing team has nothing to compensate for.

If you have an FN Five-Seven, beware the dangers of reloading. I didn’t realize the Five-Seven was a straight-blowback pistol. That’s surprising to me considering how powerful the round is.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Tab Clearing: Tales from the Internets”

  1. A surtax on ammunition sales is a pretty naked punative messure.

    Let us presume that the criminal element would legally purchase their ammo and pay said tax.

    Even the most energetic mugger or murderer would not pay that much given that they would expend far fewer rounds than an average gunnie at the range.

    It’s a punative measure directly aimed at forcing legal gun owners to practice less.

  2. According to the article, the Five-seveN is not straight-blowback, but delayed-blowback. (The PS-90 is straight-blowback.) The CZ-52 is another delayed-blowback firearm that will take pretty hot loads in its caliber, too.

  3. Last time I checked there was already a tax on ammunition, amounting to something like 11%.

  4. Having a schizophrenic sister myself, I have sympathy towards John Hinkley. I wish him the best! I’m not sure if I’m 100% comfortable with having him released, but then, I’m certainly againts instituting my sister.

    For similar reasons, I have sympathy towards Jared Loughner, and others who have had to deal with their own personal demons.

    Since the Brady Campaign is eager to exploit tragedy, though, I suspect they would be especially disappointed if Hinkley isn’t just released, but lives another twenty years, and peacefully dies, without hurting another soul…

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