A Great People in Decline

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this is the same country that weathered the blitz and defeated Hitler. I guess they were lucky the Tommys wading onto Gold, Juneau and Sword weren’t only trained up to level 1. Of course, the big fear in all this is how much deeper down the hole to we have to go before this is us.

9 thoughts on “A Great People in Decline”

  1. I wish the news story would tell us how many Bystanders also refused to enter the Water before the First Responders arrived. I understand why the Lady who called may have been too old to do something, but if there were younger people around, why didn’t they go in?

    But you wonder how much deeper down the hole we have to go? We’re probably there. Check out the story from Chicago about the WW2 who was Carjacked, had his Leg Broken then had to CRAWL to help, all the while People ignored him, and in a Couple of Cases stepped right over him.

    1. They list her as “the main independent witness” which indicates there probably weren’t many bystanders who saw what was going on enough to think that help might be needed.

  2. God, is that for real? Now I’ll readily admit that I can swim about as well as a rock can, but 3ft of water? Come on now. I’d be ashamed to have not done something to help.

  3. As an immigrant to these fair shores I am under no illusions how fortunate I am to be here. My wife is astonished that such tales are indeed true.

    And as a former member of the Canadian Forces I can’t help but respectfully suggest that no “Tommies” fought ashore on Juno, that was the Canadian beach.

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