Cows on the Loose!

I have to admit that I didn’t feel too happy when I first read the story about Canadian police officers who decided to shoot cows that had other ideas about being lead to slaughter, but mostly because riddling the cow with 9mm fired from a Glock seemed like a waste of perfectly good beef. I guess Canadian cops don’t carry rifles in their patrol cars.

7 thoughts on “Cows on the Loose!”

    1. On duty? Oui, parce qu’ils sont les seuls dans la chambre professionnelle suffisante pour gérer un Glock 40 :)

      Off duty? Nope, no carry allowed for off-duty cops. Kinda sucks to be a cop up there if you’ve p*ssed off the criminal element in the course of doing your job …

  1. Even a typical ‘tactical rifle’ like the police are wont to have in the US would likely take a number of rounds to put down an animal the size of fully grown cattle. You’d want something like a 12 gauge with slugs, or a beefy .30 caliber rifle (or bigger). You’d also want someone with hunting experience to know where to shoot the thing. I wouldn’t want to be near a PO’ed gut-shot cow looking to hurt those that hurt her.

    1. No, it would still not be ideal, for sure. But any center fire rifle is going to be better than a Glock in that application.

    2. Farmer Frank, who has been summoned by his local po-po to dispatch runaway bovines on multiple occasions, points out that, with body shots, even 7mm Remington Magnum is light for the task.

      What do you call an angry cow? Cape buffalo. ;)

  2. Depends on the cop.

    My best friend from high school is the Chief Conservation Officer (i.e. anti-poaching) at one of Canada’s biggest national parks. His duty rig is an HK P2000 (yes, I know, suck and hate. Not his choice), backed up with a Remington 870 with buck and slugs in the truck, and he knows what to do when it’s time to put an animal down.

    I think the problem here isn’t so much the lack of firepower on the cop’s behalf, it’s a lack of knowledge.

    I’d wager that the cops in my former bit o’ The Great White North would have done a better job, given that 90% of them are also hunters.

  3. Logically, if you wanted to try to kill a cow with a 9 mm, wouldn’t you walk up and shoot the cow point blank in the eye?

    I think I would try to garrote an animal that big, but I’m not 100% sure.

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