I Need a Case

I’m looking for a case that can hold two rifles, but in a configuration where I don’t feel like I’m carrying around a telephone pole.  The case has to be OK for flying, and has to have a lock.  I would prefer metal, but polymer is OK as long as it’s tough.   I’m going to take out to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous:

  1. AK-74
  2. AR-15 carbine
  3. Glock 19

I’m thinking about taking my S&W 629 is lieu of the Glock, since I can’t carry concealed in Nevada, I don’t need to be all that concerned about having my carry gun with me.  But I did pick the AK-74 and AR-15 specifically because I’m limited to 11 lbs of ammo on the plane, and both those platforms have lighter ammo, meaning I can take more of it.  .44 Magnum loads are heavy.  A case that had ample room for securely storing ammunition would be nice too.

Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “I Need a Case”

  1. I’m extremely satisfied with my aluminum double rifle case from Cabelas. It has wheels that make it easy to move around, steel locking bar, and it held up very well on my trip to Africa with my .300 and O/U on board. Lots of room for extras too.

  2. Watch out for the regulations for your individual flight group — they may very well require the ammunition in a separate piece of luggage (or just get bitchy if you don’t).

    GuardForce offers a 52x13x4 inch model that’s just aluminum trim and PVC, but tends to be commonly stock in local shops or Cabela’s, and doesn’t feel too much like a tree trunk. If you’ve got enough time to order online, Bulldog’s case is a bit smaller, and 1894c had a lot of luck with the even smaller an SKB, if you don’t mind plinking down 170+ bucks for a case.

    Haven’t seen any rifle cases with space dedicated for ammunition, but that’s a simple enough problem to solve with a knife and wanton disregard for foam.

  3. I like my pelican case.

    Put the ammo in your checked luggage, not the gun case.
    While legal in many states to ship that way, there is no guarantee the people checking you luggage know the laws.

    Also, American Airlines (not sure about others) wants ammo in factory boxes. That sucks because the cardboard is fragile, but what are you going to do.

    Look forward to meeting you in Reno.


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