Flurry of Bills in Other States

I have to hand it to Ashley, who is NRA’s State Liaison for Missouri, Indiana and Oklahoma, because there’s been quite a lot of positive activity as of late. In Indiana, she’s working to legalize suppressors in hunting, as well as a bill that would allow for charity gaming (important for Friends of the NRA’s fundraising). Meanwhile in Missouri, there are four bills ready to be considered. Lowering the carry age from 21 to 18, a bill to legalize open carry, another to prevent discrimination in hiring and firing of concealed carry permitees (the fourth is just technical changes to the license system).

I’m not sure what I think about the last bill, but it doesn’t create quite the instinct to shake the bowcaster like the parking lot bills do. I guess I feel like if the state is going to make me get a permit to carry, well, protecting me from discrimination as a result of it is kind of the least they can do. But it still strikes me as the less-than-ideal solution to this problem.

I don’t know how many of these bills will make it to final passage, but this is an ambitious agenda, and I thought it was worth offering some kudos to Ashley.

4 thoughts on “Flurry of Bills in Other States”

  1. Tom King was on Cam and Co the other day and he was giddy about some as-yet-to-be-named legislation that will be percolating through the NYS assembly/senate.

  2. To be blunt, if you need the government to protect you against discrimination by an employer because you have a government license, you better be looking for another employer. The only way a law like that is going to help is if an employer is stupid enough to admit that this is why they are firing you–and there aren’t many employers that stupid.

  3. Clayton,

    That same argument can be made about all laws on protected class hiring/firing. While the wookie-patch on my lower back stands up at the whole concept, the truth is some employers are still stupid enough to document their civil-rights biases in regards to hiring and firing.

    Worst case we eventually breed a sneakier managerial class.

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