Clayton Cramer has a post up on copyright law, and how Righthaven screwed him with it. I’ve never been of the opinion that our current copyright laws are well suited to how we use and consume information in the 21st century, but there are too many vested interests who’d like to keep everything the way is. One reason I’m considering establishing an LLC to run the blog.

3 thoughts on “Copywrong”

  1. Copyright law is incredibly arcane and pretty much impossible to follow, even when you’re trying. It’s something I think about nearly ever day in my profession, and something one of my coworkers ran afoul of – again, without actually doing anything one would think of as wrong.

  2. Markie Marxist sez: “The extent to which we commies have dysfunctionalized America astonishes even me sometimes. Ha! Ha! All your copyright is belong to us, maybe, or maybe not, you’ll never know until it’s too late! Ha! Ha! We paralyze America with confusion! That is, when we’re not destroying it directly! And Americans keep voting Democrat! Ha! Ha! We Marxists own this country! And we tie it up like a pretzel knot! Ha! Ha!”

  3. An LLC doesn’t protect you. Copyright infringement is something that you as an individual can get sued for, along with your corporation. There is no corporate veil to protect you.

    You can buy liability insurance for this–but only if you have never been sued for copyright infringement.

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