A Look at the Brady Scores

Since Brady released its new scores, I’ve been meaning to go back and redo my spreadsheet to see if there’s still no correlation. Fortunately, Barron Barnett saved me the time. The answer is that, no, there is still no correlation between Brady scores and violent crime. What’s also good news is that Brady scores, in general, are declining. I still think Pennsylvania’s score of 26 out of 100 is embarrassingly high.

6 thoughts on “A Look at the Brady Scores”

  1. When you look at where our points come from it’s rather mundane stuff like dealer licensing. PA, is great for gun owners. No mag limits, no scary feature limits, FA is legal, LTCF is a one page application and in some counties it’s issued on the spot, preemption, and no registration. All in all, pa is much better than the 26 the brady’s give it.

  2. Beat you by one point!

    I live in Michigan, which has only 25 points. Nine of those points were for dealer-related stuff, which basically replicate the ATF’s role.

    I wonder how much that complicates the business of being an FFL…

  3. I look at those scores and just say God bless Texas. We really do have it good here with our 4. I am hoping in the next 2 to 4 years we can get a coveted -2 score by allowing constitutional carry. 2 of our points come from having child access laws (you have to safely store if you have children in your house, and I don’t have a problem with that law).

  4. I slightly prefer NJ’s version, where unsupervised access to firearms by children under 14 is against the law, withno specification as to how to prevent encoded. And no sales tax on safes

  5. Did they have a press conference!? Was there more than one person there!? No fair counting the NRANews guy……

  6. The national average is 16.2, the median is 7.

    Colorado is an embarrassing island in a sea of red. OTOH, we got 7 of our 15 points simply by “closing the gun show loophole” and requiring background checks on all sales transacted there. Outside of the show, it’s cash and carry.

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