Boycott Fail

The media is started to pick up on the utter failure of the anti-gun Boycott of Starbucks, with articles appearing in the Hawaii Reporter and Loudoun Times about our BUYcott. What I find very telling here is this:

That article hasn’t been up that long and it already has close to 20,000 likes. The numbers don’t lie. The anti-gun Boycott has accomplished nothing but driving more sales to Starbucks then they otherwise would have had. For those not following along on Twitter, I can report to you that the other side is becoming positively unhinged, prompting one person to win the Internets:

In the mean time, our opponents are resorting to the only argument they have left: dick jokes. More of the same over at Joe’s.

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  1. Well, at least one Starbucks lost a sale today. I went out of my way to hike over to one near where I work at lunch, and found a “No Firearms Allowed” sign on the door.

    You bet I sent a polite but firm email to Corporate.

    1. I hope that store is nowhere near me. They are out of compliance with company policy if you are in a carry-legal state.

  2. As I commented earlier, I stopped by Starbucks on the way home, bought coffee, a muffin and a mug, told them why I was there, and left a $2 bill in the tip box.

    I’d be really curious to learn how much Starbucks’ revenue went up today. I’d think, since we have the anti-gun zealots way outnumbered, it would easily show on the bottom line.

    And, it would show to more companies than Starbucks…..

      1. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t even like the smell of it when walking down the aisle of the grocery store.

        The only product of theirs that I consumed was 1/2 of a red velvet whoopee pie (on your suggestion). This cost $1.64. I bought gift cards for wife Barbara ($50) and daughters Kim and Xenia ($40 each).

        My night should be relatively normal. Perhaps not so much for the anti-gun people as they cry themselves to sleep.

        1. Like you, I’m not really a coffee drinker. But if you put enough milk and sugar in it, I can tolerate it. So I made an exception today. I was exceptionally wired, however, most of the day.

          1. They have a number of other beverages to choose for those who don’t like coffee.

  3. Janelle and I are going after she gets off work tonight. We’ll write up a blog post after we get home.

    It’s not going to be a small amount we get either.

  4. Pardon me for being so dense–I’m reading this off a primitive Cricket phone–but is that a real NGVAC post? And was that you who added Baghdad Bob, or did you get it from somewhere else? Also, who in the hell is NGVAC linking to with such a ridiculous claim?

    1. Yes, it’s a real post by the group. The image was added by a pro-gun person. Back to the tweet, they actually aren’t linking to anyone, but rather to their own “plan to boycott Starbucks” page. They have zero evidence of any sales figures and were just making up claims.

  5. @Ken: no, that was a photoshop job Tweeted by @ddbaxte. I don’t know if he started it, but I about cried when I saw it. I’ll bet NGVAC really is crying.

    I’m looking forward to all the hard hitting journalists sticking a mic in Fineman’s face and asking “So, how does it feel to be an utter failure? Does it hurt? Are you surprised? C’mon, come clean here, was this some epic troll/marketing tactic by Starbucks?”

  6. I get my Starbucks roast at Costco, or the kiosk at Safeway that doesn’t allow tip-jars so there’s nobody to impress with $2 bills anyhow. And this being CA somebody’s decided to pile-on and muddy the waters – giving cover to the CSGV ass-clowns and their ass-tracks, but good on ya!

  7. I took my whole family–and boy, their hot chocolate is expensive! But I managed to buy about $14 worth of hot chocolate and apple fritters. I also left $5 ($4 in two-dollar bills, $1 as a coin) and a note of appreciation.

    The nice thing about a buycott is that someone who normally doesn’t participate in a business has a way to contribute. The reason why the boycott against Smith and Wesson worked, was because people actually bought their products…until S&W offended their customers! For the Brady Campaign, however, there’s no clear reason why someone who is against guns would necessarily be a customer of Starbuck’s. (Well, besides the hippy factor.)

  8. The most telling thing about the buycott has been the sheer number of people that are completely outside the blogging community that are participating in it. Our office has seen a tremendous volume of FB messages and other communications about the buycott from people that previously hadn’t made a peep about 2A rights.

  9. Just returned from a Starbucks Valentine’s date with husband. Can’t remember the last time I was in a Starbucks, and hubby has NEVER been in one. But tonight, it was sandwiches, gingerbread cake, and hot cocoa. And two bucks in the tip jar.

  10. Paper clipped $2 tips for Starbucks crew to printouts of the Second Amendment and briefly stated why I was there today.

    Money talks while NGVAC walks (or cries itself into extinction).
    Anti-Freedom LOSERS!

  11. Drop in sales compared with what exactly? The day before? A week ago? That day last year? Fewer dollars per customer or fewer customers? Have these people never actually attended a sales meeting?

    I demand a higher grade of BS! If they’re going to lie, they should at least put some effort into it!

  12. I visited two SBUX stores in the past two days, and nobody even blinked at the Ruger SR9 prominently perched on my hip. The baristas were very nice, and the hot chocolate was tasty (as was the pumpkin bread).

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