Interesting Fact from the Lucky Gunner Shoot

I had no idea that we had a TV star among us at last May’s Lucky Gunner machine gun shoot. That’s probably because I vaguely recognize that “The Bachelor” is some kind of TV show, and even if they had told me that the girl over there was “Kacie B,” my response would have been “Oh… Well, Kacie is a nice name.” I guess if you’re a TV celebrity, hanging around geeks like me is probably the safest way to escape your celebrity status. This is what I get for not having Cable, I guess, or even a good antenna.

UPDATE: I am informed that Kacie B. is a current and active contestant on “The Bachelor.” Goes to show you how much attention I pay to TV :)

One thought on “Interesting Fact from the Lucky Gunner Shoot”

  1. “I had no idea”, was exactly what went through my mind when i heard about this. Not that i would know. Like you, i have no interest in those ‘mindless’ types of shows.

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