The Best Defense

Is a good offense. We all know the term, but so does Rahm Emmanuel. Illinois has gotten dangerously (in Rahm’s view) close to shoving concealed carry down Chicago’s throat, and if they succeed in doing that, they can succeed in preempting a log of Chicago’s post-McDonald ridiculousness. I think he wants to get an anti-gun bill moving in Springfield as a defense to that. If we all have to rally to stop a bad bill, that runs us out to push a good bill. It’s smart, but it assumes Rahm can get it moving.

5 thoughts on “The Best Defense”

  1. I think you could very well be correct, and we all know that carry would be like Armageddon to the anti-gun Chicago establishment. So, Illinois could very well become a test case: has the pro-rights culture gone mainstream enough to thwart this bill? If so, if the last holdout can be converted, then that says something about the nation as a whole. The anti-gun crowd just might throw in the towel.

    1. I think if you can destroy the gun control regimes in New York and Chicago, at least enough where a gun culture can flourish, gun control, at that point, is essentially finished. It’ll go the way of temperance.

  2. Illinois with no carry and Hawaii with “may issue in name only” are the only remaining truly “non-carry” states not in the Northeastern megalopolis. The anti’s can talk all they want about how many millions of Americans in raw numbers don’t have carry, but that fades a bit in relevence when all of them are within a couple hours drive.

    (Calguns is holding the line and pushing back in California and in the counties that issue they tend to be pretty good.)

  3. I think this bill runs the risk of firing up Gun Owners against Obama in the coming election. I think Rahm is pretty well tied there so it could backfire in another way.

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