The Inquirer: Thinking It’s Readers are Fools Since 1829

The Inquirer editorial board is incensed that the legislature is even thinking about enforcing state law. Do they even bother to look at the facts? Of course not. Facts are optional in today’s journalism:

Pennsylvania legislators, forever beholden to the gun lobby it seems, want to kill lost-or-stolen ordinances enacted by a number of Pennsylvania towns to help fight illegal gun trafficking.

The ordinances, passed by 30 communities, require lawful gun owners to report it to police when their firearms have been lost or stolen.

Can the Inquirer name a single case where any of these towns or cities have used to ordinance to go after straw buyers? Can they even name a case of anyone being fined? No, they can’t. They can’t because to the best of my knowledge, this critical, badly needed law has never been used. That’s rather shocking when anti-gun activists and anti-gun politicians acted like the sky was going to fall if they didn’t pass these ordinances.

I am also amazed that the Inquirer has the temerity to suggest Pennsylvania does not have adequate “straw buyer” laws, when it imposes felony sentences on the behavior, and the state outlaws all private transfers of handguns, and has since 1934. Very few other states have such a restriction. If the Inquirer wants to editorialize like these laws don’t exist, pardon us if we get busy working to make that a reality.

4 thoughts on “The Inquirer: Thinking It’s Readers are Fools Since 1829”

  1. Did anyone in their right mind think for one minute that an actual law be enforced ? No, We need new, more resrictive laws to target legitimate gun owners, while enabling criminals to skate under the radar. Government always does the exact opposite of common sense, and allows Our rights to whitled away one slice at a time.

  2. 56 Cities.
    958 Boroughs.
    93 First Class Townships.
    1454 Second Class Townships.
    2561 Total Local governments and the Inky decides to look at only the 30 that have signed on to Lost and Stolen? No mention of why the other 2531 do not have this law.(It’s illegal)

    Another letter will go out to my State rep and State Senator explaining this AGAIN!!

  3. Not only haven’t they used the laws, they arguably can’t since they’re illegal, which they’re of course aware of. They just want to intimidate gun owners.

  4. Facts? What do facts have to do with gun control?
    You must HATE the children!! /s/

    OK, with that out of my system I gotta say the Philly Insinuator
    is no more “free” with the truth than The WaPo, NY or LA Times.

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