Holder Recommits the Obama Administration to More Gun Control

Holder has been known for getting the Administration into hot water by pushing a gun control agenda publicly (as opposed to the Administration’s actual strategy, which is to push it behind the scenes). Chris Cox, NRA-ILA’s Chief Lobbyist, points out what Holder has recently been saying, but I wanted to present the full video of the actual statement. If you’ve just eaten, I apologize, for the poor, and shameless dramatic acting here by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) is liable to make your stomach churn:

I do have to note that Issa is quite the fisherman rhetorically. After Connolly is finished his sorry display of dramatic acting, Issa casts the bait out there, and with the help of Connolly, Holder takes it hook, line and sinker. Issa asked the Administration to present to Congress the package of gun control it wants. I can promise you during the election year, this will not be forthcoming. In fact, Connolly should probably be happy Rahm is now mayor of Chicago. Getting confronted in the Congressional showers by a naked Rahm would be the least of Connolly’s problems with the now former Chief of Staff, given that he helped Issa bait Holder, and was probably too dumb to realize it.

We would dearly love to have the Administration on public record as pushing gun control heading into the 2012 election. That would make my job as a volunteer a lot easier, not to mention the folks back in Fairfax.

3 thoughts on “Holder Recommits the Obama Administration to More Gun Control”

  1. Connolly is a bumbling idiot. He barely won re-election and should probably think hard about backing the administration in this issue. He might be from liberal Northern Virginia, but his district is much more gun friendly than those of his fellow NoVA Congressmen.

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